The Catholic Taliban Embarrass Bishops Into Action…Again

…After the case of the theatrical spectacle at the Theatre de la Ville, in Paris, which presented an old man, whose son cleaned him of his excrement before a large image of Jesus Christ, also painted with excrement (the image was later the target of children throwing bombs, and the final message was: “you are not my shepherd”); and after the effective protests of some Catholic youths, supported by the Leferbvrists, who got onstage with a banner and later prayed on their knees on the sidewalk – only to be labelled fundamentalists and extremists – it seems that the French bishops and the Cardinal of Paris have woken up. Maybe after someone in Rome pointed out that it wasn’t fitting to leave the defense of the figure of Christ up to a few groups. The Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois has called for a vigil of prayer in reparation for the “debut” of the theatrical production, judged blasphemous, with sexually explicit scenes and insults launched at Christ. The blasphemous work, created by the Argentine-Spanish director Rodrigo Garcia,  sparked polemics at its debut in Spain, where it was financed with public funds from the National Drama Center of Spain. In Paris, the premier is scheduled for 8 December, the day on which the Immaculate Conception of Mary is celebrated…. (Source)

Here’s yet another example of the young Catholic laity being slandered by Boomer Bishops for their fidelity and seriousness about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This reaction from these bishops sounds very familiar.  Remember this?

The Bishops of Canada are aware of both the potential and the dangers. At their 2009 Plenary Assembly, there was a special evening session on the pastoral implications of blogs and Internet sites, both in terms of the new opportunities they can provide, and in view of their radicalizing and at times divisive impact on social as well as ecclesial discourse and relations. (Source)

Like grab a clue, dear Fathers.  The Gospel is not some political plaything you can bandy about.  One minute, you’re slandering faithful Catholics ‘fer like actually defending the dignity of Our Lord, and the next minute when your foolish conduct is outed either by the Truth or by the Holy See, you switch gears like the slick politicians 90% of you are.  Decide which side you’re on, your dis-Graces, and get your finger nails dirty and work…like the rest of us down here in the trenches.

If you would have more regard for Jesus and less regard for your “good reputation in society”, you wouldn’t constantly have to be embarrassed and made to look like weak branches swaying in the wind.

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