D&P now on the ropes with Catholic mainstream media…

For more than 40 years Canadians have been fortunate to have the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace rolling up its sleeves on their behalf to deliver aid to some of the poorest regions on Earth. But somewhere along the way D&P seems to have lost its way.

How else to explain a bizarre D&P document recently leaked to the public that is rife with misrepresentation and distortion as it disparages the respected Catholic pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition? How else to explain the hypocrisy of D&P itself resorting to an ugly smear campaign when just a year ago the overseas development agency was crying foul over alleged assaults on its integrity that, they cried, were fuelled by slander and unfounded accusations?…



OTTAWA – A leaked document that accuses Canadian “pro-abortion” groups of being militant, right-wing organizations that associate with violent factions has put the executive director of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) on the hot seat….


I will be responding to The Catholic Register’s reports next week.  Finally, we have some straight talk from the “mainstream” Catholic press.  It only took them a year to get around to it.  That’s another scandal, but let’s not quibble. This not a time to criticize but to unite to bring the abortion-marxism juggernaut in the Church down to the ground.

2 thoughts on “D&P now on the ropes with Catholic mainstream media…

  1. Is there any doubt that Judas exists in the Catholic Church? This I have maintained for some time. D & P shows how divisive catholics can be, and the unity they claim exists is only an oxymoron.

    Reform(ation) is required

  2. The unity we claim is real, Cliff. None of this effects the ontological unity that always exist in the Church. The Body of Christ can never be separated, even though some of its members choose to separate from it.

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