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  1. Pope Benidict XVI wrote a book, IN THE BEGINNING: A CATHOLIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE STORY OF CREATION AND THE FALL. He said microbiology and biochemistry point to a creating reason

  2. The Pope went on to say, and show us a creating Intelligence, and they do so more luminously and radiantly todat than ever before. Thus we can say today with a new certitude and joyousness that the human being is indeed a devine project, which only the creating Intelligence was strong and great and audacious enough to conceive of. Human beings are not a mistake but something willed.

  3. All we can pray for is that the scandals will wake Vatican up to the horrible state of the Church in Canada. Honestly that was my first thought when I heard about Archbishop Lahey. I wasn’t at all surprised or shocked, just hopeful that this might finally show Rome what is really happening here. You are right that there will be more scandals. They are happening everywhere. I know of one myself that happened involving a Bishop who resigned but thankfully only a few people know and the media never found out.

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