The Catholic Legate Returns!

The Catholic Legate, a Catholic Apologetics apostolate which I started back in 2002, has a new look

Before I left active apologetics to concentrate on the culture war back in 2003, I had engaged in largely intramural apologetics against Protestants for seven years.

That was before I figured out that that was not the best use of my time since the Titanic (i.e. the culture) was taking in water on all sides, and <duh> conservative Protestants were the Catholic Church’s best allies.

I was much more of a hot-head back then.  :mrgreen: Today, I’m a pretty mellow fellow (as you can tell by my serene and calm posts 😉 )

Anyhow, I’ve gotten myself a new webmaster for The Legate, Jerry Becket (scroll down to bottom of page), and we will be updating the site every couple of weeks, which is a substantial improvement over the annual update that I was doing before Jerry arrived on the scene.

Check it out from time to time to bone-up on why you should stay Catholic. Come to think of it, maybe I should consult it once in a while too to remind myself why I should remain one, given all the dung I’ve been shovelling out of the Church’s bureaucracy over the past couple of years! 😈

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