The Catholic Church’s Salvation: Tell it Like it Is

From my good friend, Suzanne Fortin….

The public Catholic funeral of hardcore pro-abort Senator Ted Kennedy unleashed a storm of controversy in the Catholic Church that spilled over right into Canada. Fr. Tom Rosica called the actions of the Boston Church “gracious” and chastised pro-lifers for their attitude of “division, destruction, hatred, vitriol, judgment and violence.” His condemnation comes on the heels of Archbishop James Weisberger’s denunciation of pro-life allegations against Development and Peace. These two reactions against orthodox, faithful pro-lifers came to me as a shock.

A refreshing shock.

Because after years of being ignored, the crowd of faithful Catholics – whom might be termed “Magisterial Catholics” – are finally being acknowledged publicly by the church elite.

With breathtaking candour.

And it’s a good thing.

Magisterial Catholics in Canada have been turning away from the clergy as a source of doctrine for some time now. Instead, they have relied on forums, websites and blogs to learn the substance of their faith and to seek authentic spiritual guidance. Many are fed up with the church leaders’ wishy-washiness, even downright heresy. The elites have largely distanced themselves from Magisterial teaching, either by omission, or through trendy theological novelties.

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2 thoughts on “The Catholic Church’s Salvation: Tell it Like it Is

  1. In China they have a State sanctioned Christian Church, and a persecuted and martyred underground Christian Church. The under-ground Christian Church is the real one. Like the Chinese State, the Canadian State is also part of Pagandom by establishment by government and court decree.

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