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In 1950 a relatively unknown group of political thinkers and activists in Quebec led by Pierre Trudeau founded the magazine Cité Libre. The goal was to provide a platform for the development and dissemination of left-wing ideas that were not in vogue at that time in Quebec and that were difficult to get into print due to the political and social climate that existed in that province.

Between its inception in 1950 and its (original) closing in 1966, Cité Libre served this purpose well. Never a popular journal in the traditional sense, it nevertheless quickly became the principal source of intellectual capital for what became known as the Quiet Revolution, playing an important role in both the resurgence of the Quebec Liberal Party and the subsequent conversion of the federal Liberal Party to the quasi-socialist policies of Trudeau and his successors.

Our goal in creating Canadian Observer magazine is to provide a similar platform for the development and dissemination of conservative ideas in the areas of culture, politics and public affairs.

Our aim at Canadian Observer is to show that conservatism is a sound and moral political philosophy and to present sensible conservative solutions to the issues of the day. More specifically, we seek to be a source of conservative intellectual capital to be drawn upon and spent in pursuit of a better, freer Canada. It is to counter the anesthetizing effect of contemporary liberalism and to point to the possibilities and benefits of change.

Although we will, of necessity, touch on matters of public policy, Canadian Observer is not primarily a policy journal. It is a journal of ideas; a place to discover and discuss the principles that form the foundation of a strong and healthy society. To the degree that public policy impacts or is impacted by those principles, we discuss it.

We invite you to join in the Canadian Observer discussions. Send us your comments, letters, articles and ideas. Subscribe. Link to our website: www.canadianobservermag. ca and ensure that the Canada of our future reflects your values.

Joseph C. Ben-Ami

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