The Canadian Connection to the American Abortion Rot

…Perhaps the most influential graduate of McGill’s medical school spent more than 30 years trying to undo what he had done. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who died on Tuesday, at 84, graduated from McGill in 1949, and returned to practice obstetrics and gynecology in his native New York….

You just knew there had to be a Canadian connection to the U.S. abortion holocaust.

One thought on “The Canadian Connection to the American Abortion Rot

  1. When Christian sanctity of life is taken out of Western Education, Law and thus society in the guise of Separation of Church and State evil prospers. These Politically Correct Relativists who say all views are equally true and beneficial but their view is the best have separated Christianity with it’s tenets out of our daily way of life ,education and law. Love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and Murder without guilt (Abortion) is taught by Court Enforcement and Government Decree. Our Christian Worldview gives everyone inalienable human rights Genesis 1:27 because of the fact that “all” people are created in the image of God. There have been errors made in the guise of Christianity, but this fact that everyone has inalienable rights fixes these errors for future generations. These unfortunate decisions do not come close to the atrocities of Institutional atheism. This is common sense not rocket science.
    Doctor Bernard Nathanson was taught in our university love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (Abortion). There was a time this was only taught in universities, but in a little while it is taught everywhere by Court Enforcement and Government Decree. Bernard was one of millions taught this and the consequences of this are all around us. There was a time people could come to a Christianized country and be treated justly and earn a good living for their families. When Darwinian racism prevented them from being considered equals inalienable rights in Law gave them the right to vote and be good citizens.
    When Bernard discovered that abortion really was the murder of innocent human babies in the warmth of their mothers wombs. He came to this change of mind because of modern science and fantastic technology and he showed the world.
    Silent Scream and Eclipse OF Reason are films that prove abortion is cold blooded murder of innocent babies in their mothers wombs. These babies deserve our protection instead of Capital Punishment. This atrocity is only one of many going on because our Culture went from Christianity to Survival Of The Fittest. The consequences of this are all around us. Will you become Culture Warriors now?

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