The Canadian Bishops & Their Rebellion: What It’s Going to Cost

June 30, 2009 ( – In an interview with Legatus Magazine, to be published in the July/August issue, Fr. John Corapi criticizes the Canadian bishops for their rejection of Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae in their signing of the “infamous Winnipeg Statement.” The statement, released shortly after the release of the pope’s encylical, undercut Paul VI’s unambiguous denunciation of all use of artificial contraception, indicating that Catholic couples might be able to use contraception in good conscience.“One can recall what happened during the tenure of Pope Paul VI,” says Fr. Corapi in the interview, “when he came out with his landmark and prophetic encyclical Humanae Vitae. Significant numbers of bishops, priests, theologians and others rejected it. They absolutely rejected it. The majority of Canadian bishops signed the infamous Winnipeg Statement that just categorically rejected Humanae Vitae. That kind of rebellion is catastrophic.”On September 27th, 1968, two months after Humanae Vitae was put out, the Canadian Catholic Bishops released their controversial Winnipeg Statement.  The most infamous passage, paragraph 26, opens the door for the moral use of contraception, in contradiction to the pope’s encyclical, saying that if a couple has “tried sincerely but without success to pursue a line of conduct in keeping with the given directives, they may be safely assured that, whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience.” …

You go, Father.

Forty years on now, the Catholic bishops of this country have yet to repent of the Winnipeg Statement, failed to own up to their responsibility, failed to teach Humanae Vitae, failed to pastor the flock to respect God’s law on sex, failed to address the most important issue EVER in the history of the Church. 


Why is that?  Because they sold out when they signed on to the Winnipeg Statement. This is not simply something that happened 40 years ago because even as recently as 11 years ago, they voted not to retract it.  It’s as much this crop of bishops’ responsibility as it was the one’s who passed it.

And now we are seeing what this acquiescence to this document has meant not only in Canada but abroad in the Global South, as this whole D&P abortion scandal unfolds.  As I said in a previous post: 

You see, the Snake of Winnipeg is now making to its final journey right into the heart of Catholic episcopal unity.  It took 40  years, but just like same-sex “marriage”, it was all but inevitable once the Winnipeg Statement opened the door to contraception.  That snake, that murderer from the beginning, has now arrived and is presenting himself now in this whole D&P abortion scandal as the wedge between those bishops who support the Winnipeg Statement and those who do not.  Why do I say this? Because those bishops who support D&P are the same bishops who support the Winnipeg Statement with few, if any, exceptions.  That is not a coincidence.  D&P was established one year before the Winnipeg Statement was released.  And slowly, but surely, over the last 40 years, it has given shelter and promotion to what the Winnipeg Statement advocated.  Those who support the Winnipeg Statement are the same bishops who have accepted proportionalism.  And proportionalism is the same philosophical error now being used to justify partnering with D&P’s pro-abortion partners, not to mention the soft abortion policy of St. Joseph’s hospital in London, Ontario

Msgr. Foy has been warning the bishops and pleading with them for 40 years to turn backThe Rosarium has been doing likewise for the past 6 years.  They would not listen to us. They would not listen to Rome. They would not listen to Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition or 2000 years of Christian teaching. So now, 40 years later, the Snake of Winnipeg has come to take its rightful place in the middle of the Catholic episcopacy in this country.  It’s going to slither right up on its throne when the bishops of Canada meet again to discuss the D&P abortion scandal.  It will then show them just how divided they are.  

You can’t run forever.   Sooner or later, a price must be paid for dissent.  Just like no marriage can survive an adulterous affair without repentance, neither can a Church survive without repenting of its adultery and harlotry — its spiritual sodomy. Even to this day, the Canadian bishops are still in the state of ecclesiastical contraception from Rome.

And, in a short time, just like what has happened to the Canadian family, it’s about to tear them apart. 

And now?  Where are we headed?  You can’t even imagine, dear friend.  The pride and arrogance of our bishops is so thick and dense that it’s going to take a complete disaster of epic proportions to break it down. But it’s coming with a force of epic proportions:

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 30, 2009 ( – A newly released documentary claims that the current global economic crisis is in part symptomatic of a global population crisis that the documentarians call a “demographic winter.”

SRB Documentaries has announced the release of “Demographic Bomb: demography is destiny,” the sequel to 2008 documentary “Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family.” (see coverage here)

The phrase “demographic winter” refers to the contemporary phenomenon of a worldwide rapid decline in birthrates. The new documentary makes a forceful case that the loss of millions due to population control efforts has meant an irreplaceable loss of millions of producers and consumers who otherwise would be participating and supporting today’s global economy.

“Like ‘Demographic Winter,’ ‘The Demographic Bomb’ deals with rapidly falling birth rates and their consequences for humanity in the 21st century,” said Barry McLerran, producer of both documentaries. McLerran pointed out that demographic winter in turn has economic ramifications, as fewer and fewer workers will be available to support massive populations of the elderly.

“‘Demographic Winter’ predicted the financial crash of 2008 to within 12 months. ‘Demographic Bomb’ reveals how this is just the beginning,” warned McLerran.

“‘Demographic Bomb’ shows what happens when countries comprising 80 percent of the world’s economy have plummeting numbers of workers, consumers and innovators – leading to falling consumer spending, and too few workers to support the elderly.”

The documentary interviews demographers, sociologists, economists, and historians that make clear the reasons why the demographic decline and economic decline are related.

The film begins with an interview with Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University, the 1968 author of “The Population Bomb,” which convinced the popular mind that overpopulation was the world’s greatest threat. Ehrlich has also gone on record as saying that two billion persons is the Earth’s optimal population limit.

The documentary also features Mathew Connelly of Columbia University, author of “Fatal Misconception: The Struggle To Control World Population,” who explains how a coalition of organizations, institutions, governments, and the United Nations have manipulated families and violated basic human rights in the process to achieve their goals of population reduction.

Also featured are former Yale Professor of Economics Jennifer Roback Morse, USC Professor of Urban Planning and Demography Dowell Myers, Harvard PhD Nick Eberstadt, Harvard MBA Harry Dent, the author of “The Great Depression Ahead,” and Nobel Prize winning economist Gary Becker.

p.s. Please pray for our great priest-prophet Msgr. Vincent Foy. LSN is reporting that the 92-year-old famed Canadian Catholic canon lawyer had a fall yesterday resulting in a serious hip injury. Just a few weeks ago he celebrated his 70th anniversary as a priest and gave a long talk at the event that was just amazing.



2 thoughts on “The Canadian Bishops & Their Rebellion: What It’s Going to Cost

  1. This crisis of leadership is symptomatic of many areas in the church regarding disobedience and lukewarmness.

    True, we look to our bishops for leadership and good example and find it lacking. Moreover, we have to recognize good example wherever we find it, like on LSN and in the many men and women who cling to the truth and profess it. Look to the good and it will increase.

    Christ has made all things new and He is by no means inactive in His church today. Sometimes there needs to be a decline, or a falling off, before new growth is possible. I have witnessed new shoots in the living church that are springing up to defend Christ’s teaching. They will take over the old decay that we see before us. Hold fast, because Christ will never cease to feed His flock and renew the life within His body which is the church.

    That is not to say, be silent about the problems. With discussing the areas which need renewal, remember to proclaim our hope that is founded in Christ who is always with us and whose power to redeem is beyond all imaginings.

  2. The trustworthiness of the Church rests principally with the Pope and not with the local bishops. We must find a way to get everyday Catholics to turn to the Pope and his trustworthy teachings rather than to the local bishops who become unworthy of trust in direct proportion to their disagreement with the Pope. The Vatican website ( is a great place to start. Humanae Vitae is there as is Familiaris Consortio – two great documents that we can all trust and love.

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