The Call to Dunkirk

As the months and years go by, it will become increasingly evident – and it really should be by now anyway – that the public education system is a tool of the social marxists to corrupt our children.

If you can do it, pull them now. Homeschool them or send them to private school.

3 thoughts on “The Call to Dunkirk

  1. Once the Academy programs our friends and family it is very difficult to reason with them again, because the Academy has completely socially engineered our entire culture with their creation story and life philosophy. This is Diabolical. How else can it be?

  2. The Darwinian Humanist Atheist Academy condtions their students to respond to the unbelievers. These conditioned students are our friends, family and fellow citizens. The textbbooks of the Academy are replete with examples of psychological conditioning which elicit definite patterns of religious reflexes in response to given stimuli. Like Pavlov’s dog salivated at the sound of a bell which represented food, so many of these students will spiritually and emotionally salivate whenever the Lords of the Academy ring the conditioning bell of Darwinian Humanist theology. The students who do not agree with the Darwinian orthodoxy cannot go on. The professors who don’t have tenure get fired. Wherever Darwinian Humanism rules they allow no other life philosophy. This is why we can no longer stay silent.

  3. We are a private, non-affiliated no-shame Christian School, and we want to know if there is any type of support structure to assist Christian schools that are coming under attacks that would seek to force them out of business?

    We are growing at the current rate of 5 – 8 new students a month, but the rate is increasing, because the ‘other’ schools are being seen for what they really are, and people are seeing the success we are having with the grades our students are producing (top 15% across the board).

    Our landlord appears to be forcing us to move, but we will not move without direct guidance and/or someone who can give us some sound B ible-based advice, and direction, because we are just ordinary folks with a God that is so good to us.

    We know He will see us through, but I believe that sometimes others can be used when times like this come upon us. So we are opening the door to see what we might be able to do together.

    Thank you, in His Most Beautiful Name

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