One thought on “The Bullying Scam

  1. To Whom it concerns,

    How can we as responsible citizens who are to care for all justify taking such action, as allowing this bill to become law and thus aid in furthering destruction of traditional family?

    It is obvious the twisting of truth taking place here and the agenda behind it. It is anything but being “fair” and “equal” and “tolerant” of all.

    It is also obvious from the get go of the man in the video, promoting hatred towards Christians and lying and blaspheming Biblical Truth who is full of hate-filled venom and lies and propaganda concerning Christians and what they hold sacred, not to mention JUST WHOM is the bully here and WHOM is doing the bullying!!!

    If a Christian says the slightest thing about the fact that they stand for Traditional marriage. They are wrongly labelled as homophobic. This a twisting of truth.

    It is saying Christians and or others who regard traditional moral values as the guidelines they live by are hateful towards homosexuals or others who choose not to live by the same

    This is not at all the truth, and is a cop out so they can play the victim card . To disagree with another’s viewpoint, nowhere can be construed as hatred towards the PERSON, stating it,except by paranoid people and twisters of truth who upon hearing or misconstruing something they don’t like or deem to be hateful towards THEM as individuals, so easily twist it into their all to convenient stance of THEY THEMSELVES being singled out and hated for what they believe in or the fact they are homosexuals and the like.

    It is nothing less than the serpantine semantics, that the of the political agenda, of said people have today to attempt to twist peoples minds into making them think they are the ones being “wronged” and “misunderstood” and “bullied: and to make Christians and others, but lets be honest, this is hate and bullying mostly aimed at Christians and their traditional beliefs and values who are being singled out and made to be “hate-filled” bullies of homosexuals.

    Their intention, and it is, and has been done in a systematic way, especially regarding this Bill-13 , is to attempt brainwash and so-called “re-educate” young people and others about life , of course as they see it to fit their agenda.

    Does Communist manifesto ring a bell here, anybody. Or do you just see the “Occupy” groups as one mis-guided columnist wrote about the subject, as just some young people with a voice who are not heard and “just need to be heard”so they can push their hate-filled propaganda.

    LOOK and LISTEN to one of the people appointed to represent them-Dan Savage, supported and encouraged by none other than President Obama, himself and many with money in Hollywood circles we hear, who is behind ridding the nation he presides of or at least attempting to do so of long held values and beliefs and traditions in an unprecedented manner.

    Why in his pride, He overrides The Constitution it self. Does the word fascism, mean anything to some people?. Do they know what totalitarian beliefs system means, or dictatorship? Is anyone listening? Do the words “hose who forget history are apt to repeat it” even enter their illusory twisted way of seeing things, when it comes to REALITY in this present age?

    No, unfortunately in the young people and some old ,of the present age, these threats to true freedom for all humanity, do not. Heck! on a recent video, when a picture of Adolph Hitler was shown to a fair number of todays’ youth, and they were asked who he was,almost all of them save one who was “sort of” close could not give the right answer. This culture then gives rise to a people ,ripe to be filled with lies and propaganda, just like in the Nazi time.

    Adolph Hitler was also a BULLY and filled with hate, and managed to do what he did, given the right arena and platform in which to spread his lies and agenda.

    As of late, and back to the reactions of the”poor bullied victim” lbgt , whatever groups (I have to confide I do not know all the different combinations, nor do I wish to), why do we hear nothing and a deafening silence regarding , the other side the ones who are supposed to be the “hate-mongers”. Take for example,the young girl and her family and relatives who after voicing her innocent stance on why she liked family and traditional marriage and values was vilified, to the point of the social media going viral, with plans by the “other side, the “victims” as you will, threatening her, her family and relatives and pets, whatever, with horrible torturous death.

    The level of hatred spewing out of these emails towards this poor girl and her family was I am sure also unprecedented.

    Who is doing anything about that? Certainly not our politicians, Why are you not “protecting” her and others “rights”. In case you have not heard it because the secular media probably did not cover it, you can see the story by going to Lifesite news and check the archives. You will be able to view the hate mail and promises and suggestions blogged to one another on facebook and other social media, by these so-called “victims of bullying , and ” of how they would said over and over in email after email how they would love to torture her RIGHT NOW!, and that her familyshould all be killed in tortourous manner and vile threats and insults to horrible to mention.

    Imagine if you will , the swift police reaction in charging any Christian, who so much as says, anything that can be “seen” by some of these people with their agenda as “homophobic and hate-speech , in our present twisted age, by these groups, and politicians and people too blind to what is happening and who kowtow to them, or worse yet agree with their agenda, because it benefits them in some way.

    They would be charged, and then be sent to “court” to be ever more lied to and derided under the”Human Rights” Kangaroo courts’ microscope. (Thank Heavens we will hopefully see the end to this travesty of “justice”), and probably put in jail.

    The case in being, of the young 13 year old, who said nothing ,NOTHING that could be construed as hateful, was not abusive in the slightest, and was respectful in why she liked traditional marriage and values… as only a sweet young girl raised in a good home with loving values and morals could so innocently put, was attacked by these “victims of bullying” and how her innocent comment, elicited such hate from these groups should send a DIRE WARNING and chill to anyone .

    Is anyone Listening?
    We better watch and wake up fast.

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