The Buck Stops With The Bishops…Not With Development & Peace

…“If the name Catholic is attached you have to be 100 per cent in favor of the cause of life,” he said. “If they want to go off and have a group that doesn’t have a Catholic character, let them go off and start something else.

“But let the Church’s outreach be evangelically motivated,” he said.” We do this for the sake of the Gospel, therefore we cannot have a contradictory message.

“We have to be engaged in loving the poor and seeing in them the dignity of the human person,” he said. “That dignity of the human person is found in the child in the womb and in the person on the deathbed. Anything that mitigates against total protection and the support of their dignity from conception to natural death we can’t have anything to do with.”…(Source)

Cudos to Archbishop Prendergast for finally bringing the hammer down on the pseudo-Catholics at Development & Peace. (See also LSN coverage here.)

But to be brutally honest, that hammer should have been dropped years ago when this scandal first broke.  Instead, we kept hearing that D&P’s critics were “advocating something stupid“, were engaging in “malicious reporting“; and were declared to be “not part of the Church”.  Worst of all, we were told throughout this disgraceful exercise in gross Episcopal negligence and obstruction how faithful Catholics should continue to “support Development & Peace” (i.e. keep funding pro-abort groups) when loads of damning evidence was available for years at their fingertips (quite literally, I might add). 

Development & Peace has become like a government needle exchange program for the Bishops of the Canadian Church.

But, folks, it goes beyond all of this.  We have to start asking the Bishops about the real issues. Yes, folks. The real issues here are not about Development & Peace or even about abortion, but about…

1)  how the bishops of this country allowed this rogue organization to operate for 40+ years and half a billion dollars later, all the while funding questionable and anti-Catholic causes and without proper Episcopal oversight…


2) why the membership and executive of Development & Peace is so very anti-Catholic and socialist in its approach in all of its social engineering causes.


Let’s not take our eyes off the ball here.  The abortion scandal at Development & Peace is about lost fatherhood.  #1 is about stewardship  and #2 is about instruction in the Faith.  Those two duties are central to being a Father. 

To get at the root of the problem, Catholics should not permit the bishops to simply hang the abortion scandal on the management of Development & Peace, solely.

No way, José.  Not so fast.

There needs to be some serious repentance among the hierarchy of this country.  Faithful Catholics should not accept the buck being passed to D&P Management.  The buck stops with the bishops.  If they insist on passing the buck and not taking responsibility for their grievous role in this abortion carnage, frankly they should resign, individually or collectively, and let serious Catholic priests take over.  This world has never seen such a disastrous generation of bishops like this one.  It is really quite staggering and a very instructive lesson for the priests today who will one day be our bishops. FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T BE LIKE THE “BOOMER” BISHOPS!

If the disaster of the Winnipeg Statement is any indication of Episcopal repentance of what we might hope for, however, it will be bupkas for us.

Oh, yes, and one more thing…we got that long, overdue comment above from the Archbishop in a chain of events that went like this:

D&P Supporters Blog Entry —> Big Blue Wave Tip –> Yours Truly  —> Steve G —> Socon or Bust Blog Entry —-> LSN report —> Deborah Gyapong Report —> To you, dear reader.

The bishops of the Canadian Church will never, ever be able to pull a fast one again (like they did with the Winnipeg Statement, for instance), now that the internet is here.  They wouldn’t even dream of it. The abortion saga of Development & Peace proves it.  Thanks be to God for the internet and the wider Catholic blogosphere, the scourge of heretics and pseudo-Catholics.

Once again, Socon or Bust thanks +Prendergast for being 1) a real man and 2) a faithful Archbishop.  Things are finally going to change in the Canadian Church, not just with Development & Peace, but everywhere.  And that’s in large part because of all of us Catholics who have made a difference on the internet where darkness and error have no place to hide.  Everyone has a part to play in the Cyber Church of Christ, whether you’re a blogger, a reporter, or a reader who acts on the information being reported on.

One thought on “The Buck Stops With The Bishops…Not With Development & Peace

  1. “The bishops of the Canadian Church will never, ever be able to pull a fast one again (like they did with the Winnipeg Statement, for instance), now that the internet is here.”

    Indeed 🙂

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