The Borg Must Be Confronted and Unplugged

OTTAWA, December 7, 2012, ( – Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast told yesterday that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) will be studying how Pope Benedict’s new directive on Catholic charities “may be fully implemented in our country.” The apostolic letter “On the service of Charity” was released Saturday, and directs bishops to ensure Catholic charitable agencies, especially those run by the Church, are always faithful to Church teaching, and if not, that they be stripped of the name “Catholic.”

“Speaking for myself,” said Archbishop Prendergast, “I am sure that each bishop will take this articulation of how our charitable outreach should cohere with the gospel message and the Church’s social teaching.”

Vancouver Archbishop Michael Miller similarly told LifeSiteNews that the Motu Proprio is a “welcome addition to the teaching of the Church’s social doctrine.” He added, “This reminder that charitable works must be in conformity with all of the Church’s teachings will strengthen the work of these organizations as they focus on work that follows Catholic teaching and respects canonical norms.”…(Source)

A couple of things here.  In regards to +Prendergast’s comment, the focus is not with “each bishop” since “each bishop” is not taking responsibility for D&P, except for the brave action of Bishop Mulhall in Pembroke who’s given D&P the whatfer.  Instead, it’s the “collective” or the Great White Magic Circle that gets to decide for each bishop what happens with D&P. 

That is the problem here. 

This whole D&P abortion scandal has exposed a major theological problem that has come out of the “Spirit of Vatican II” – the rise of parallel magisteriums around the world which basically demote the power and authority of individual bishops to little more than altar boys.  They have effectively ignored Rome on many issues in the past.  We all are acutely aware, of course, about the Canadian “pastoral” solution to contraception.  These parallel magisteriums and how they operate are not legally equal to Rome, of course, but functionally and in practice, they carry far too much weight and power than they should.  

The functionary Church or “The Borg”, as I like to call it, has no theological foundation, but it’s in play right now. It provides a counter witness to Rome and a counter Magisterium.

The saga of D&P and many, many other examples could be marshalled from a variety of fields to easily make this case. Take any area of social or church life:  education, liturgy, “social justice”, pro-life work, etc., etc., etc..   The Borg has become a real threat to the Catholic Church’s witness. 

The fact that the Pope has to state the obvious and order the bishops to comply with basic Catholic morality tells you all that you need to know about Concacan Inc., the other organs of the Borg around the world, and the liberal bishops who staff its committees. 

If you don’t believe me, let’s just watch and see what really does happen with D&P over the next few months.

There is only one thing that is going to clean up Development and Peace and that is a committee of zealous pro-lifers who get a veto over what money gets spent where.  At least the bishops can level the playing field by appointing people who actually believe abortion is a serious sin.  That’s the only thing that is going to ensure that the Catholic Church’s witness is preserved — since, evidently, few bishops are willing to use the veto that Jesus authorized them to use.

Anything less will be a failure. Guaranteed.

Resistance to the Borg is futile in movies, but in the Canadian Church, I have more hope that resistance will yield better results.

The Holy Father has given us an opening.  Let’s bust right through it.


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