The Bishops Now Have the Colour Photos In Their Hands

As Socon or Bust readers are aware, I published an explosive interview with a young woman who visited one of D&P’s “partners” in Nicaragua last Friday.  For those of you who have not yet read it, I encourage you to do so. Here it is again:

D&P Funding Feminist Group Who Seeks to Loosen Nicaragua’s Abortion Law

Since then, a friend of mine sent me some more information on this Pro-Abort Centre that is pimping for abortion:

 * There is a group in Nicaragua called Puntos de Encuentro, “Meeting points”. Their abortion page features an editorial in which they express their total support for legalization of therapeutic abortion.  They have several links, articles and discussion groups about the topic.  They also present a “Directory” of other groups. The first on the list is D&P’s Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo, Nicaragua.

* There is also a lobby group called “Campaign 28 September for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Carribean”.  In its September 2006 newsletter, there is a list of member groups on the last page, including D&P’s Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo, Nicaragua.

* The International Planned Parenthood Federation (with their logo on the front page) co-wrote a letter to President Obama to thank him for enabling US funding to abortion groups in other countries.  There are 7 pages of co-signors at the end, including D&P’s Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo, Nicaragua.

I printed off the above report and mailed it to the 62 Catholic bishops of Canada last Friday Apr. 17.  Today is Tuesday Apr. 21.  Most of the bishops should now be receiving the report and the COLOUR pictures showing the radical pro-abortion ideology which they are funding.  By end of week, all of the bishops should have it in their hands and read it.  We shall see what happens after that.

Here was the cost of engaging in this activity <Cue the Mastercard commercial>

Postage: $81.77

Colour Printing: $47.74

Stationary: $5.00




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