The Bishops must invoke Section 93

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Catholics are legally allowed to invoke Section 93 of the Constitution Act which permits Catholic schools to reject any legislation that will negatively affect faith and morals.  If the Catholic bishops invoked Section 93, Bill 13 would fall entirely –      for both Catholic and public schools. All must pray that the Cardinal will hold his ground against Bill 13, and the GSAs.

2 thoughts on “The Bishops must invoke Section 93

  1. They MUST invoke section 93, ore put simply, we no longer have Catholic Schools… Which could just be exacytly what this vile bunch of progressive vermin want in the first place: This could very well be a bachkdoor (no pun intended) means of forcing a situation where amalgamation of public and Catholic schoo;ls into a single educational system becomes de-facto, to be made official shortly thereafter. If we are to be honest it ios not even an educational sustem anymore, it is merely propaganda and indoctrination. I’,m sure you have also heard that Andrea Horvath wants to require ALL schools to fly the Rainbow flag (The 21st century version of the swastika) , as she believes iot would reduce bullying.
    I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life. The Liberal/NDP axis of evil is as bad as , if not worse than Barack Obama. Never has Ontario had a worse government than this one, it even outdoes Bob Rae’s brief tenure.
    As for the Bishops, if they refuse to invoke Section 93, then they have not only destroyed Catholic education by their acquiescence, but will also have effectively destroyed the Catholic Church in Ontario, and undercut other Christian denominations who are fighting the good fight. IF they refuse to step up to what is essentially their responsibility, it is time that they are removed and replaced.

  2. My husband read, reread and reread the May 28th statement.
    He thinks that this statement really was a setup for all to see that the bishops are readying for a constitutional court challenge.
    As much as it seemed obvious to us all of what was stated and a bit watered down – it really is a preamble of what could be coming.

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