The Bishop and the Bongos

Bishop De Roo, one of the Den of Dissent speakers, gives us a taste of the kind of liturgy we might expect.

Never mind the three Jesus mega puppets in the background @ 6:00.  Whatever was behind the curtain should have stayed there, if you ask me.

Get down with the Bishop and the bongos @ 7:39

There are so many massive abuses here, there’s really nothing left to say, except to start weeping when you hit the play button.

Hey, ya think he’s gonna bring those bongos with him to Ottawa?  Maybe he’s gotta new tune he can bang out.

In the name of the gender neutral Trinity: Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier….

7 thoughts on “The Bishop and the Bongos

  1. This service brings no sense of the sacred, no feeling of reverence, no sense of the divine. It just a bunch of people having a social outing.

  2. I haven’t been able to watch that video that is supposed to show us “a taste of the kind of liturgy we might expect.” But, then again, if I’m going to get angry and depressed at the same time…

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