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  1. Michael is so correct on this one, and if we all were doing what the other opposing side is doing regarding standing up for matters of life, continually and with the same vigor we would have defeated this as LONG time ago.

    As a friend commented to me at St. Pat’s the other day, where are the so called Catholic and Christian Pro-lifers. They are not down praying at Cavalry. Oh they may make an appearance, perhaps during the 40dayfor life. Where are the so-called “commited” people during the rest of the year, In season and out of season. Oh, it;s either too cold or too hot, or there are not enough other people , and so on and so on, or the favorites, how can I make a difference or it is too depressing, or I just don’t have the “time” We do not have the time? What about the souls of the peole who are about to darken their lives forever, or the lives about to be lost? What about the prayer to promise to do whatever we can to end abortion and
    save lives? What about God?

    Oh people say I am doing my part I have “my” family or “my”
    children, that is no answer, all the more reason to get your bodies down to Cavalry with the children God Blessed you with, to show God your grattitude for admitting to yoursleves in humility “But for the grace of God go I”

    I have been going down there for years now(not to boast at all, but what esle would I do since I recongnized God wanting me to be there, and my complicity. Well, we all are complicit in the horror of ongoing slaughter of innocents and the culture of death, and we all will answer tro God for what we did do or “chose” not to do when we meet Him), and the people who are the faithful ones are the ones who have been doing it for 20 or so years now (the ones 87 and older) who were never part of some big thing but did it before when no one did it, and faithfully, because God called them out and because they saw that it is by far the most important thing they can be doing.
    Pro-life activity is not “a” issue like a hobby, it should become
    THE issue, until it is unthinkable. If everyone did their part, it would have ceased to be long ago, and a voice cries, rahter many voices cry in the wilderness “Where were you, when I thirsted, and where are you when I thirst”?

    Just like the Fatima cover-up saying now even on E.W.T.N, by party-line Fatima Priests, that we are such good folk who just need to pray, and do the minimal and that Russia has been consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and don;t you know Russia IS converting, it is just taking a loooooooooog time, and don’t you know, what should we expect after all? I’ll tell you what we should expect. Truth from so-called leaders, not lies. AND Russia has NOT been consecrated to Russia, and the Fatima message regarding the dark mess in high places in the Church, has also not been revealed, or healed.

    Nor has the lie about our responsibilities, as if ending the culture of death is only for some people, ey! I have another `ministry don`t you know`. Here`s an idea,Why don`t we start EVEN more `ministries`just to keep people `busy`when babies continue to die every secondÉ , but ey`It will take a long time, to stop the culture of death, especailly gettin those bush Bishops to retract their Winnipeg statement. They are so busy with dinners and conferences and such, and of course photo-ops, with the`right`folk, you know the ones who live right, as `good`Catholics, and do not make any scenes or ask any questions, or sorry just the ones allowed don`t you know, and who cares about the simple Truth that we are our brothers`keeper and each and everyone of us , DOES have a moral responsibility about being there for our brothers and sisters and speaking Truth into lies. It is what God expects.
    We are in a war against Satan and His death dealing mongers, and where are weÉ Having brunch or yet another conference
    on so-called evangelization. READ `False Friends of Fatima`,
    and stop being them. this IS NOT MAKING Our Blessed Mother
    smile, no She is weeping and it goes on and on, just like the drum beat.

    Ey, got to be careful though, we don`t want to offend any Bishops, we may not be held in their goo graces and be labeled `fanatic`or something. Truth is thoise who care , for whatever the reason about such stuff have already compromised, and sold out. How tragic and very, very sad.
    I love adore onlyYou Jesus , and I love and venerate You Dear Blessed and Virgin
    Mother Mary
    Your little girl

    Just a little aside for those who say we should be `more quiet`about our support of Life, and not show those `terrible`REAL pictures of tortured children
    Some Pro-aborts are haters of me and my love for Jesus and what He cares about are marring and denting our car by various means, is it going to stop meÉ I am going to die doing what God asks if need be, because it is HIM I live for. It is His car and witnesses to Him and for Him, so He sees it all, and knows that those who hate HIM will hate what He loves and stands for.

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