The Baloney Had Better Pass the Muster

…Powers said the ad hoc committee examined all 248 of CCODP’s project files and found 13 that merited a closer look. Of these, two posed a problem he said.   “Even one is too many,” Powers said, noting that CCODP is rewriting the “manner in which people become partners” as well as devising “an exit strategy” for canceling any controversial projects. Some projects that had been identified online had already come to a natural end, he added.  “CCODP is preparing protocols to ensure that organizations requesting future funding are fully aware that CCODP is a Catholic agency which adheres to Catholic principles,” said the ad hoc committee’s report. “Furthermore, any organizations requesting funding will also be obliged by the same protocols to disclose any projects that they may be involved in which would contradict Catholic principles of respect for life.”  CCODP will also consult with the local bishops’ conference which must approve of partners and projects in their countries. “Overall, we were very, very happy with the spirit of it, the collaboration with the bishops and ourselves,” said CCODP executive director Michael Casey in an interview from Montreal Nov. 11. Casey said much of the problems resulted from partners’ being involved in coalitions or with other groups “one or two removed” that pursued agenda’s contrary to Catholic teaching. Some of the problems came in ambiguity around human rights issues, he said.  According to pro-life news sites, reproductive “rights” is a euphemism for abortion. “We wanted to make sure we have explicitly outlined in the rule of engagement that the Catholic identity issue for us is paramount,” Casey said. Most of CCODP’s protocols had been focused on sound fiscal management and accountability, he said. Powers said the ad hoc committee addressed the gap that had developed over the years between CCODP and the CCCB as the two “worked more and more in their own way, apart from each other.” The ad hoc committee provided a “wonderful way to work together,” each “recognizing they needed more dialog,” he said. The ad hoc committee also advised a permanent standing committee be established to allow for a “regular exchange of information.” The members of this new committee will be named in December at the next meeting of the CCCB’s executive committee and permanent council. CCODP is preparing a new five-year plan and a new funding proposal for CIDA, Casey said. “We have to look at some of the advocacy positions of some of our partners.” Partnerships are long-term, but CCODP plans to rationalize and reduce the number of projects from nearly 250 to 130-150, he said. CIDA is stressing aid effectiveness and accountability, and “we’re bringing it in house as well.”…. (Source)

A few things to comment on here….

 #1 – There were hardly just two groups that “posed a problem”.  (There were near 50, and that’s only of what we know.)  If there were only two groups, then why is Development and Peace downsizing from 250 to “130-150”?   Just part of the natural renewal cycle, is it?   WhateverSocon or Bust and pro-lifers don’t care what baloney they feed us, as long as they make sure the baloney that’s left is not rotten.  And we’ll know if it’s bad baloney, so they’d better do their homework on their partners this time. 

#2 –  At least Mike is now on the same page as coherent Catholics when he says above, “the Catholic identity issue for us is paramount“.  Does that mean you won’t be known as “Development and Peace” anymore?  Will you retain “Catholic” in your marketing name, now, Mike?

#3 – “We have to look at some of the advocacy positions of some of our partners.” – What a difference 20 months makes. 

Maybe they are converting to what it actually means to be Catholic.  Or maybe this is just slick PR.

Whatever it is, the ship is turning around. Thanks be to God.


One thought on “The Baloney Had Better Pass the Muster

  1. Only two partners? That gives me a bad vibe. Then again, if you don’t view contraception as a problem, as per the Winnipeg Statement, then I can see how you’d end up with a smaller number of problem partners…

    If they only saw two partners then I fear the reform process is not being taken seriously. But as John said, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    The pro-life bishops that pushed for these reforms better not take their foot off the gas pedal for even one second, otherwise the liberals will derail this process. The good guys need to be relentless in following through to the very end. And we’ll be watching every move.

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