The Bad News of The Gospel

You know, I’ve been saying for a long time that we need to get off of the Good News of the Gospel and get on to the Bad News of the Gospel.

Yes, you heard it right.  The Good News can really only be understood by the Bad News.

What is the Good News?  In a word, it’s “salvation”.  “Oh yeah“, a curious observer might ask, “I’ll bite. What’s to be saved from?”

Well, friend, it’s a place called, “Hell” – a place of eternal separation from God.  But we don’t talk about that anymore, do we?  We’re too sophisticated and advanced for that sort of medieval thinking.  The problem is the cliff has not moved one inch and there are still stampedes of people running toward it since the Devil made his entry into salvation  history.

Jesus was God. He died a terrible and brutal death – more unimaginable than anyone could possibly comprehend – not because of the pain but because of the willing humiliation at the hands of the most vile sinners.  Ask yourself, what exactly is this God-Man dying for that would be worth such a humiliation?  I think you can all figure it out. You don’t need a Ph.D in theology to figure out what exactly He would be saving us from.  If you understand quid pro quo, you get the gist.

The thing here is that if Jesus was God and He willingly chose the cross, you gotta figure the other side of what’s being purchased has got to be pretty expensive.  All the sins of the world for all humanity and the place of eternal separation from God is what is being purchased.

Quid pro quo.

The problem today is that there is no quid pro quo. It’s a free lunch, with no repentance or remorse required.  That is how the liberal sees justice.  “Do what thou wilt” shall be the sum of the law.

But the reality – the objective reality – is very different.  Hell does indeed exist.  You can prove its existence by just asking a few questions and being honest.  But few people are into honesty or common sense.

The Good News of salvation has absolutely NO MEANING without the Bad News.   Preaching salvation without preaching its alternative is milksop theology, and people simply don’t care because they really don’t have to care.

There is no Good News without the Bad News.  If you don’t hear the Bad News, the Good News is no news at all.

We need to recover and expand on the theology of Hell.  It’s the tonic that we need in this opulent age.


2 thoughts on “The Bad News of The Gospel

  1. Yeah, no hell and as a corollary, no suffering here on earth. I saw a graphic example yesterday while attending a baptism in a newly consecrated church. The “crucifix” was not really a crucifix. In this particular presentation, Our Lord’s hands were not nailed to the cross. Instead, they rose magically above the cross with the right hand configured in the Iconic single digit number one sign. This was just the most blatant of several uncomfortable changes to traditional worship that I observed in this otherwise beautiful edifce.

  2. Thank you John.
    I have a book titled simply “Hell”, and it is a book all Catholics should read, but my experience when I want to read it to some people is , they say” Oh, why do you want to talk about Hell?, it’s so “negative”. YES IT IS! exactly and it is also a REALITY, that Saints of Old and also Our Blessed Lady showed to three children, at Fatima, who would were not like a lot of adults… afraid of Truth. She obviously did this because She was doing as Jesus would have her do. Jesus spent more time preaching on Hell and how to avoid it then some sanitized untrue version of Salvation.
    I even heard a secular musician once sing a song that went ,something to the theme of before we can know Heaven we must understand Hell. Before you know what Mercy is you must first understand sin, and its devastating consequences, let alone its seriousness.. . what it did and does to Our Lord.People should have imprinted on their memory the scene of the Passion when Jesus was being scourged, as well as the crowning. People should know one of the greatest sins and lies is to presume Mercy, as well.
    If we are not serious in our contrition we will not be forgiven, when we come to the Sacrament of Reconcilliation, with firm resolve to amend our lives as well. Jesus says so.

    Why are Priests not talking Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.??? If I hear another watered down Homily, I will be sick. Oh but everyone chuckles and laughs, and another occasion when people could be convicted,( and we need to be over and over, and deeper and deeper of Truth) is yet again wasted. The fog grows thicker, just like the Devil desires, and Truth concerning Hell is kept silent.

    I have long come to the conclusion that we are not going to hear the Truth preached in our local Parishes half the time so we must make sure we find those who are preaching it in its entirety and read the lives of the Saints of old and the Catechism, and often you will be vilified by many for telling others the whole Truth, but who cares, in the end we will all answer to God , and sit in judgement and Jesus will ask us why we did or did not do what He said and expected of us .
    He paid for us at a cost, not so we could go tiptoeing through the tulips believing deception and the gospel of fake love.

    When Love is real , one speaks the whole Truth, precisely because one loves the other, and could not do otherwise.

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