The Backlash Against the Manipulated Synod of Francis

I have spoken to a huge number of prelates in the past few days, many of them Synod Fathers. They are all furious and indignant with Francis. A president of a Conference of Bishops of a large African country even called him to my face “an agent of disruption.” The right word to describe the general atmosphere reigning in the Curia and the Synod, after 18 months of a government imposed by fear and persecution, is one I’ve heard several times in the past week: “esasperazione” (“exasperation”). The experiences of the past century show that a government of fear and manipulation cannot subsist for long without rebellion, and that was what erupted on Thursday. It was as if a pressure cooker exploded at the end of an 18-month-long simmering. (Source)
There is way too much evidence from many sources, from bishops and cardinals themselves, that this report is just a Rad Trad bitch-fest.  No, this is far, far more serious.
Between now and the next Synod, we must fight and organize ourselves to ensure the manipulation and the fascistic-like machinations of the Pope’s appointees are thwarted and rebuffed.
We gotta have all hands on deck, here.  Trads and Wojtylians and the Benedictians all need to join forces to put this pure evil down.
First order of business is to try and get Baldisseri removed from his position as the Secretary of the Synod.  One of the Cardinals has to approach Francis and tell him bluntly that this man must be removed as General Secretary before the next Synod.  If he is not removed, the Pope must be told that he can expect the same or even more pronounced, vocal, and embarrassing push-back at the next Synod.  If the Pope is OK with this, and it looks likes he’s just fine with the pounding of tables and raised voices, then that’s exactly what’s he’s going to get or should get.  Maybe we can get some chairs flung around too.  Bring a whip for good measure, as well.  Practice our bitch-slap motions.  It’s all good. Make a mess. Cause a ruckus. Remember those words in Brazil?  Well, Francis has got it in his own backyard.  That isn’t very serene, is it?
The Pope gets no free lunch here. He appointed the man and he needs to take responsibility for the fiasco.  This is not just a big misunderstanding. It’s not. The peace and tranquility crowd, ironically, is not too concerned that all hell is breaking out at the Synod.  They just want the rest of us to stay serene about it.  Nothing to see here, folks. Just move on.
Pressure needs to be brought…otherwise, we are heading for a showdown at high noon.  And, please, if you are a nervous nellie, bury your head in the sand, plug your ears and stand aside.  You might not be interested in war, but war is interested in us. And there are some of us who have the gonads to take up the sword and start to fight.  It means we have a pulse and a heart.  The serene lidless-eye crowd, on the other hand, are content to allow the Church to be raped.  All is well, Landru, has spoken.

2 thoughts on “The Backlash Against the Manipulated Synod of Francis

  1. What is absolutely astounding to me is the open criticism of the pope by Cardinals! I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything like it.

  2. You really shouldn’t be astounded, as this was foretold by Our Lady at Akita, Japan during the apparitions there (to a nun) which began in 1973 – some might think she was revealing that part of the Third Secret of Fatima which has been suppressed by the Vatican. Among other things, Our Lady said that “cardinal will oppose cardinal” – check it out.

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