One thought on “The awesomest “pro-choice” defense of Planned Parenthood…ever

  1. If every person calling themselves Christian knew how to give a reasonable response to those willing to legislate the killing of babies in their mothers wombs,then these atrocities could not become legalized so-called human rights. These children deserve our protection,not Capital Punishment.What about those who claim to be called by Lord Jesus,and yet allow this?They don’t even come close to Saint Stephen and the Apostles.Talk to them and then you will be sure as to what they plan to do about this.We need unity in this instead of being splintered.Technically the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials did not break the law.They passed laws legalizing their atrocities.Today Secular Humanism passes laws legalizing their atrocities,and use adult school teachers and special interest activists to normalize them to innocent impressionable schoolchildren,as so called human rights.The new religion-worldview of Secular Humanism is diabolical is it not?

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