The Ashes of Civilization

Ontario bishops’ general secretary has been actively supporting Wynne’ explicit sex-ed

Ontario doctors must refer for abortions, says College of Physicians

My friends, you might be wondering why I have not been too animated about the stories above.  The reason is quite simple.  Outrage without outlet is a waste of time and energy….neither of which we have much of these days.  I’ve bitched and moaned for 12 years, and you know what?  It was not the best use of my time, and it’s not the best use of your time, either.  Sure, it’s important to be angry at such perversion and evil, but if we just sit and do nothing tangible to counter it, what exactly is the point? And I’m not talking about petitions and meetings and letters, etc., etc., etc. to Kathleen Wynne or the ACBO, either.  These efforts are just fruitless. We live in a totalitarian age. We live in age of moral degeneracy and evil….a culture of death and bondage.

So what are we to do?  We live among the ashes of civilization, and when you live among the ashes of civilization, the ruins of a once Christian culture, you do only what you can do:  start building again APART from the established and corrupt order.  You break out and get your own puck.  Play a different game.  Make your own rules.

Now you might say to yourself, “how can I do that?”  I’m not a community organizer like Pacheco is.  Well, maybe you’re not.  But you have something that we community organizers need to make it work:  We need your virtues.  We need your trust.  We need your courage. We need your sacrifice. We need your faith.  We need your hope.  We need all these things pulling us together to fight.  Because without them, we’ll go no where.  But with them, we can start to build a new civilization.

The Community organizing is actually quite easy.  Creating structure, developing a vision, implementing it is actually near the bottom of the barrel as far as where the real success comes into play.  People confuse that with what is actually not easy:  taking a leap of faith, having courage, trusting other people.   THAT is where the rubber hits the road.

Once you’re all willing to do that, just knock on my door, and I’m ready to roll when you are.  I’ve got an idea to save your kids from the sex perverts, for instance, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, for instance. But you gotta do your part.  Get off the pot and move.

4 thoughts on “The Ashes of Civilization

  1. Yep.. you did an excellent job in starting up the COMMUNITY of Maryvale Academy!! A community of courage and trusting other people.

    However, we DO need an episcopate that we can follow – we can’t just start our own Church. And we need doctors that won’t kill Grandma when we take her into the hospital. So, it’s hard to be TOTALLY APART from Civilization

    • When a Democratic society divorces from Christianity in Government,Law,Education and Entertainment like our Western Civilization did starting in 1962,when it sanctioned a New Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral”Secular Democratic Christless Paganism; then all of it’s edifices of worship,education,law etc., must comply with this New State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion. The Articles Of The Reich Church Of Germany are an example of how a government accomplishes this.When Christianity is blamed for the globes problems by Western Educators,and Nicolaitans etc., then the indoctrinated start to hate Christ and Christianity.Who else teaches this through their so-called Holy Book The Koran? Why are many of the so-called neutral Democratic Secular youth joining this other Christian hating worldview?Democratic so-called “neutral”Seculars believe they can have a political alliance with other worldviews who persecute Christians.This will of coarse end for them as it did historically for the divided kingdom of Israel.There still is a remnant of real Christians who must try to live through this persecution,while trying to convince others in our democracy of the political consequences of this so-called neutral Democratic Secular Paganism on our society,including the inforced indoctrination of Western schoolchildren in the tenets of so-called “neutral”Secular Democratic Paganism.

  2. Regarding the Episcopate, no argument there, but honestly Jim, they need to stop conceiving of the Church as some kind of institution that has to go along to get along…even to the point of tacitly accepting filth. One wonders if there is ANYTHING that makes them blink and say, “hell no, we won’t do that”. When they’re ready to take their responsibility seriously, they can join us. Until then, they can play the surrogate…because that’s the role they’ve carved out for themselves. We’re sailing without them and when they’re ready, they’re welcome to get on the boat.

    And as for civilization, I am not advocating for us to leave civilization. I am calling for us to build the civilization…and leave the corruption behind. What does this mean? It means leaving the current structures behind, and stop wasting our time moaning about them. They’re corrupt people. Let the dead bury their dead.

  3. The Bishop’s general secretary represents the Bishop’s,thus sets up their appointments as to who is to wait longest to see them or not etc, and has their complete trust.Secular Pagan Bishop’s masquerading as Christians of both the Catholic Church,and The Protestant Cults do not have Christian Secretaries but so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan ones like themselves.One real Catholic Bishop is telling the truth about the harm to impressionable schoolchildren of Ontario Lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynn’s morbid Sex Education.

    Church which was persecuted in The New Testament was defined as Parties of Christians led by Christ’s Holy Spirit, and not edifices. Until Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism,albeit not the so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic variety about the year 307; Christians were persecuted and murdered by Government Decree for their Worldview-Religion.The Benevolent Christian Values thus became State Sanctioned in Government,Law ,Education and Entertainment in The Christian West until 1962, when The Lord’s Prayer was decreed unconstitutional,and The “Neutral” variety of Secular Democratic Paganism The New State Sanctioned Worldview in Government,Law,Education and Entertainment.

    Where school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and sex education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex until 1962, now school teachers and homosexual etc., activists normalize the tenets of “neutral” Secular Democratic Paganism starting with Kindergarteners.This so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Worldview has since legalized no fault divorce which glorifies adultery,abortion on demand which kills babies who ought to be safe in their mothers wombs who deserve our protection, not Capital Punishment,Sodomy,Pornography which defiles The Image Of Christ,as a so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan human right,Kinsey Sex Education which perverts school children,Euthanasia where the Elderly and weak are murdered with starvation, lethal injection etc., by doctors as secular human rights,Secular Catholic and Protestant Bishops etc.,praise their Lesbian Premier’s normalizing her lifestyle to schoolchildren, with The Secular Pagan Media Moguls help,with no end to enforced “neutral”Secular Democratic Paganism in sight.

    In a democracy the laws of the land are a reflection of society.Professor’s Tom and Molly taught that, “all the people can be indoctrinated to be fooled all the time”, through the schools by Christless Worldviews.The few who are not indoctrinated into the tenets of so-called “neutral”Democratic Christless Secular Paganism are jailed etc. We seem to have in so-called “neutral”Democratic Secular Pagan Land this phenomenon, even in what calls itself Christ’s Church!Nothing is learned from History,as it becomes Secularized by so-called Politically Correct ideology.Someone certainly calls Satan’s Priests,Pastors and Bishops into their Professions,but that Spirit is not Christ’s.Christ gives you volition (free will)in democracies to chose your political rulers.Christ or the worldview of Barabbas?You have chosen poorly,and are living the consequences,because in democracies the majority get what they want,therefore the popular saying,”what is legal is moral.” Tom,Molly and friends showed you how to force Parliament to change rotten Laws by passing righteous Bills between 2005-2008. John it really hurts when our people rush back to the worldview of Barabbas then pretend they are Christs every day during Mass.You know how it feels as did our mentors Tom,Molly and friends.They prayed without ceasing and organized concerned parents and citizens across our land to change rotten 2005 Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada law,and won 2008 for a moment.Tom taught me that phrase as one does not know who the so-called neutral Democratic Secular mob will follow next.Things were not perfect but were getting better in The Christian West until they changed their Worldview-Religion starting in 1962.We pray without ceasing in our minds as we do the best we can politically in our democracies.

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