The Arrest of Linda Gibbons

Just like Jesus before Pilate.

You’ll notice at the 4:53 mark that they even stripped the little pro-life baby pin that she was wearing.  Shades of Our Lord before the Roman guards, no?

What a paranoid and sick culture we live in to stop the peaceful demonstration by a grandmother who once was the victim of abortion herself. 

So apparently, there’s “choice” for women to kill, but not so much choice for women who choose to peacefully protest that killing. 

So, it’s back to jail for Linda

She has spent 28 consecutive months and a total of 8 years in jail for standing against abortion. 

The good news is: the writing is on the wall for the abortion industry.  It’s coming down.  And everyone knows it.

LifesiteNews covered the story here.

(Photo inset courtesy of Steve Jalsevac, LifesiteNews)

5 thoughts on “The Arrest of Linda Gibbons

  1. It is police protocol to remove anything from an arrested person that can be used as a weapon; that is the only reason they took her prolife pin. Once she is processed and taken to her cell the police will also take her belt and shoelaces so she can’t hurt herself. When she is released she will get everything back. It’s not personal.

  2. There is nothing in her protest, either, by the way, that says she was protesting abortion. Not sure how this injuction applies to her. Her sign does not say abortion.

  3. “WHAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL,” is a frightening slogan used to justify all kinds of atrocities through history, and today abortion and other perversions in Canada.

    Legality was used to exterminate natives in Australia, Africa, North and South America, India, the killing of Jews in the past ,and the destruction of the unwanted today. Legality was also used to justify slavery and the slave trade.

    The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist today is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their killing was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the indoctrinated doctors who were making selections in the Nazis death camps.
    It is the doctors today, in conjunction with pregnant women, who are making “choices” in the abortion chambers.
    The right to select in the past and the right to choose today represents the “evil” power to destroy those who cannot defend themselves.
    After The Second World War , The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for encouraging and compelling abortions ,which it considered a crime against humanity. The Nazi’s said that they did nothing wrong, because the Nazi Supreme Court Passed over 400 laws to justify the holocaust. Trials of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington DC: USGPO,Vol.4.page610.
    What has Politically Correct Relativism done to the Western mind?

  4. The denial of the humanity of the unborn child in Article S. 223 of the Canadian criminal code is the key weapon against the unborn because it is the basis for permitting murder of the unborn through the denial of its person-hood under the law, and its repeal would undermine this weapon because the person-hood right under the human rights act to protection against discrimination on the basis of age would be established. REPEAL 223!

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