The anti-ten commandments

If anyone doubts that radical environmentalists have a diabolical agenda, then I suggest everyone check out the link here:

The site discusses the Georgia  Guidestones which are located in Elbert County, Georgia.  The stones are huge monuments about 20 feet high and made from pure granite.  The stones contain 10 messages.  The first one says:

  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

This ‘commandment’ along with the other nine are an assault on everything that the pro-life movement holds sacred.  The scary part is that radical environmentalists and global governance types are not even trying to hide their beliefs anymore.  

Scary stuff. 

3 thoughts on “The anti-ten commandments

  1. And, to make things worse, many people (including – many devout Catholics) still regard the green movement as peaceful environmentalists who just want to keep the air and water clean…

    It’s sad, but we must face the fact – these guys have outdone us in marketing. No matter how many raving population control freaks are discovered in the Green parties from coast to coast, their brand is still welcomed by many for its implied “positive” appeal. Now, where do we get that kind of marketers for our brand?

  2. The sadest thing is that our people have become socially engineered to think the way they do, by our State and universities imposition of Darwinian Humanist atheism as the only creation story allowed to live all of life by, or else they punish the non-believers. China and the Islamic countries impose their worldviews on their citizens as well. In Canada the citizens ought not to remain silent about this brainwashing of our people by the Darwinian Humanist elite. Now they have the means and power in place to do anything they want. How long are our citizens going to remain silent about this?

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