The Anti-Abortion Wedges Are Coming…

Two independent events have revealed the various incongruities that underlie the pro-abortion philosophy and forced pro-abortionists into a position where they must confront the humanity of the unborn child.

First, Nebraska passed a law (by an overwhelming majority, 44-5) that bans abortion after 20 weeks of gestation on the basis of fetal pain. This legislation recognizes a growing body of medical knowledge that not only reports on the capacity of the unborn to feel pain after 20 weeks (and, according to some, as early as 16 weeks), but also suggests that pain may be felt far more acutely in the unborn than in adults. Apparently, the child’s immature nervous system has not yet developed various coping mechanisms that may help it to diminish or better endure pain.

If you doubt the need for such a law, simply cut your finger off and then imagine the greatly exaggerated pain that is felt by the unborn as it is literally torn apart and evacuated — just because it has been labelled a biological inconvenience.

This first-ever law is significant to the ongoing abortion debate in that it recognizes both the inherent humanity of the unborn child and society’s moral duty to protect and care for the unborn.

Second, a current article in the Journal of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada has issued a call for new guidelines regarding sex selective abortions. The preferential abortion of girls is a hush-hush practice that is officially condemned by Canada’s Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, yet still occurs among cultural groups (from countries such as China and India) that value boys more than girls….(Source)

…You’d better believe it!

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