The Abortion Fraud of “Choice”

The great scam of “choice” has never been accepted by people who have a fondness towards objective truth. 

To allow another person the “right” or the authority to will an unborn baby in and out of legal protection simply on the basis of fiat is indeed an offense to justice and intelligence.   An unborn child either is a person entitled to the full rights under law or not.  Her status does not change just because some dumb feminist decides it’s a nice day to have an abortion. 

We’ve never accepted the whole scam of “choice” but our opponents sure have…or at least we thought so.

The whole broohahaha about the unborn victims bill before Parliament is a perfect example of the duplicity of the pro-abort side.  It turns out that they are not even for choice. They are simply for abortion at all and any cost.

If it is indeed a matter of “choice”, then if a woman chooses to carry the unborn child to term, what then should the logical position of the pro-abort side be in regards to that child?  If a woman chooses to carry that child to term – if indeed it was a true choice – then should not the law come to the aid of a woman whose choice to keep her child was brutally violated?  Of course it should. Otherwise the whole idea of “choice” becomes completely superfluous.  If the pro-aborts are not willing to attach any significance (via the law) to a woman who chooses to keep her child vs. the woman who does not, then there is no significance or meaning to their whole punch line of being “pro-choice”.  

The pro-abort side is showing us quite clearly that they are not interested in their own mantra at all. They are only interested in preserving abortion at all costs, even if it means abandoning women who have chosen the child. What does that tell you of their real motives, of their brutality towards their own gender? 

What a bunch of cold-hearted butches.

They don’t have the guts to support legislation which will protect a woman’s choice from male predators and thugs because they believe it will trample on their own “right to abortion”.  In other words, they are not prepared to protect women who choose life; they are only willing to protect women who choose abortion.  So, you see, it’s not about the choosing per se for them, but rather choosing abortion.

It was really never about choice in the first place. It was about preserving abortion no matter how many women get killed, no matter how many families are traumatized, and no matter how many wanted unborn children die.

I am sure it has never occurred to these feminist-butches, but I can scarcely think of another sad, pathetic group of people who have been so mastered and enslaved by men.

The true story of Tiny Tim.

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