The Abortion Edict Is Not Going Down Well

Something rather shocking is continuing to happen in the main stream media among the liberal pundits:  they don’t like what Justin Trudeau has done with his Abortion edict.

LifeSite has some more coverage of that here.

It’s a funny thing, because one would expect that there would be little backlash to this sort of ruling from Justin Our King.  Did anyone expect such a backlash, especially among the liberal media?

That, in itself, is a veritable miracle.

And, I wonder whether this is the first real sign that the abortion debate is really going to start in earnest in this country.

What an irony it is that abortion was ushered in with the first Trudeau and it could be the beginning of the end with his son.

4 thoughts on “The Abortion Edict Is Not Going Down Well

  1. I am extremely shocked that some in the mainstream media in Canada (particularly the feminist pro-abortion crowd) are criticizing Trudeau for this move. The only reason I can think of is that they are worried this will push some (moderate) Catholic voters to the conservatives and further split the left??? It’s hard to believe that they don’t support a thoroughly pro-abortion Liberal party.

  2. When The US Supreme Court ruled in 1962 the school Lord’s Prayer was unconstitutional, and Secularism constitutional Western Democracies followed suit. This included the majority in the edifices called church, the media moguls, education establishments and the voting public etc. They believed the diabolical lie that the Worldview Religion of Secularism is neutral , as it dishonestly claimes.

    Most still do not considering the imposition of Secular morality ,education and justice, as legalized so-called human rights starting with Western Kindergarteners. In a democracy the voting citizens are responsible for the laws of the land. You know how professor’s Tom, Molly Landers, Dr.Walter Szetela etc., rallied voters between 2005-2008 to force Parliament to pass a Bill into law,in 2008 to finally raise the age of sex consent. This was time consuming and expensive, as The Popular Media Moguls etc., were on the opposite side. In 2005 The Supreme Court Of Canada majority declared consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults. This made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles, as a so-called human right. Be careful what you allow your politicians to legalized, as the Canadian Human Rights Act considers these laws Human Rights. Parliament is the Highest Court in the land as elected Ministers represent all Canadians.

    In 2008 Members of Parliament were forced to raise the age of consent, by the majority of Canadian Citizens. Political apathy and indifference leads to evil Bills passed into law,and imposed on everyone, including innocent, impressionable schoolchildren. Friends organize politically to protect our children.

    These are Adolf Hitler’s words inscribed over a gas oven in AUSCHWITZ, ” I WANT TO RAISE A GENERATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE DEVOID OF A CONSCIENCE, IMPERIOUS, RELENTLESS AND CRUEL.” The Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their worldview, and teaching it as a right to everyone. When the majority is brainwashed this way, they gladly ostracize the ones who disagree with their State sanctioned Worldview.

    • Schoolchildren in Canada started every morning with the Lord’s Prayer not that long ago ,because their parents and grandparents were politically organized, and active to keep it that way. Political apathy and indifference allows evil Bills to be passed into law, by elected politicians. these are imposed as human rights by adults on impressionable schoolchildren. If elected rulers are not held accountable, by righteous democratic citizens then evil will continue to prosper.

      After The Second World WAR ten Nazi Leaders were indicted for the crimes against humanity of encouraging and compelling abortions, by the Nuremberg Military Tribunal.
      Abortion truly is a crime against humanity.
      ” Trials of War Criminals”, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington,DC: U S G P O,Volume IV ,Page 610 .

      I never imagined Canadians would choose politically to become such a Christless society, in Government,Law and Education. I hope enough righteous people would politically organize to change this.

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