The ‘A’ Word On The Street

How did we ever come to this muddled way of thinking? Did you notice how a good number of the people interviewed said “it depends”. In other words, the abortion decision is not right or wrong in and of itself. It would be OK if the woman was raped, but not if she was “rich” or used it for “birth control”.

What this shows is that

1) people think about the issue almost entirely through what will happen to the mother’s “freedom.” That is why there is this appeal to situational ethics. Rarely do the respondents mention the humanity of the unborn child….

2) people have not been properly educated about just what precisely is being aborted, what the consequences are to the woman, child, and to the greater culture.

We do not define a child in and out of existence merely because of the financial circumstances of its mother or the situation surrounding its birth.

Undergirding all of this is an underlying foundation of fear and a false view of freedom.

Freedom to kill an unborn child is not authentic freedom. The act remains intrinsically evil and the consequences of abortion (and there are many) remain with the woman for the rest of her life. She may be “rid of” the responsibility of rearing a child, but she can never escape what evil had to be committed to purchase this so-called freedom. In point of fact, she has not purchased freedom at all, but rather only enslavement to the serious health and emotional consequences which will continue to exact payment from her all her life. Some freedom that is.

Killing another human being does not bring relief or freedom. It brings the opposite.

That is why we need a national, transparent debate in this nation about this issue. We need to hear from women who have had abortions. We need to read and hear about the advances in fetal development.

Since we won’t get it from the Catholic Bashing Corporation or the Pseudo Conservative Party, we must find other means of pushing the envelope and forcing the discussion out of the dark ages of the sixties.

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