The 41st Day: The Next Step

My dear friends,

During the past 40 days, we’ve tasted the fruit of God’s grace in confronting abortion on the front lines. But now that the campaign is officially over, many people are asking where to we go from here?

The challenge today in the pro-life movement in Canada is that it needs a focused, results-based initiative, a micro, “on-the-ground” effort, similar to the one we just had with 40 Days for Life. What has been clear to me in this endeavour is that the personal “one-on-one” approach in the abortion war is sorely needed in Canada. At least 3 babies were saved during this campaign, and much disruption in the abortion business occurred. People were challenged and converted. At the very least, hundreds of seeds were planted. This indicates to me that this sort of prayerwar/sidewalk counselling approach WORKS. We see the results first hand. And even the results we don’t see, we know they are happening. We can actually see it in people’s faces as they walk by. We can see it in the depressed faces of the abortion workers when they see us there everyday. And we can see it in the agitated face of the abortionist each morning when he comes to work. This micro level approach to fighting abortion is successful. And that, in the end, is the bottom line.

But for this kind of work to bear fruit, we need devoted leadership in this field. At this stage in this burgeoning movement, we can plant a seed that can grow beyond our wildest dreams — not only here in Ottawa but across Canada in every major city where abortion is performed.

But for that to happen, we need to financially support someone to take what we’ve done in Ottawa and grow it – both here in Ottawa and across the country.

There are a number of options we will be looking at in the coming days.

So the purpose of this notice is simply to ask you to consider financially supporting such a ministry. We have many great “ground zero” initiatives planned to bring down abortion. But those initiatives can only move forward with your help.

So, at this point, all I need to know is one thing from each of you: would you be willing to financially commit to such a venture?


John Pacheco
40 Days For Life Campaign

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