One thought on “Thanks, Christian White Men!

  1. If you are talking about William Wilberforce or Abraham Lincoln or Edmond Burke etc., they lived in countries that called themselves Christian, but did not always follow Christ’s code. They could count on the citizens assumption they were Christians to finally prove to them that they were not behaving as such,hence William Wilberforce’s 1797 book that shook Europe,” A Practical View Of The Prevailing Religious System Of Professed Christians,In The Higher And Middle Classes In This Country,Contrasted With Real Christianity.” Schoolchildren started their mornings with THE LORD’S PRAYER here, led by their teachers.

    In 1962 The Christian Perspective was considered unconstitutional politically and legally,then taken out of American,and Western Government,Law and Education,and replaced with so-called constitutional “neutral” Secularism, in Government,Law and Education. Secular Pagan School teachers no longer lead children in The Lord’s Prayer,and children are normalized, conditioned and reinforced in morbid lifestyles by adults in school.

    Today white,yellow,red,brown,black etc., Western Christian men, women and children are being Politically ,Morally, and Legally Secularized by Government, Law and Education Enforcement. It is much harder to change rotten Parliamentary Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada Law that is imposed on everyone as so-called human rights. Evil 2005 Law was changed in Canada by our citizens hard political work,and prayer in 2008,but this is rare. It would be better if it was regular.

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