Thank you to the Taliban Catholics!

Socon or Bust wishes to express an enthusiastic and grateful thank you for all readers out there in cyber space who prayed for righteousness to prevail in the whole Development & Peace / Fr. Arriaga abortion saga.  It looks like we Taliban Catholics have won another round against CanChurch.

(In case you’re wondering, “Can” stands for the Obamian empty sentiment of “Yes we Can!”)

We need to also thank a few parties who have played a particularly important role in this story.

First, we must acknowledge and thank Archbishop Terrence Prendergast for his faithfulness to the Gospel of Life and his clear and forceful press release which left no room as to the good bishop’s position.  In particular, Socon or Bust wishes to point out to its readers that Archbishop Prendergast is not letting the matter drop but intends to press the Mexican Church for the “whatfer” on how this group and this priest is permitted to freely roam around the world under Catholic auspices:

“The Archdiocese of Ottawa continues to be engaged in clarifying with Mexican Church officials the status of the Pro Centre for the Defence of Human Rights in light of its support for groups espousing abortion. “

A second thank you to Matthew Hoffman of LifeSiteNews who has been walking Development & Peace’s beat for over two years now, and exposing the rot from the very beginning.  His professional and tenacious reporting has had a huge impact in turning the tide against D&P.  We need to financially support LifeSiteNews and ensure that they continue to shine the light in the darkness. 

A third thank you goes to my colleague, Steve G, who posted three illuminating blog posts yesterday on Fr. Arriaga’s scandalous witness.  Remember folks, I’m not the only blogger here at Socon or Bust

A fourth thank you goes to my friend SUZANNE over at Big Blue Wave who started this whole ride with a simple email to let us know what D&P was up to.

And to all of you Taliban Catholics out there, I want to express what Fulton Sheen was fond of saying at the end of his broadcasts…”God love ya’! 

Don’t give up! Never. Ever. Never.


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