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At the behest of certain FD members who complained about too many threads on the media’s lies concerning Pope Benedict, I have decided to confine all new, future postings on this subject (and other more minor topics) to this thread.

Since FD is not primarily a religious discussion board, I respect the fact that other members do not want it to turn it into one.

I want to thank Connie and Mark and FD members for their forbearance with so many threads on the slanderous attack on Pope Benedict this past week. I hope that the non-Catholics on this board can appreciate the fact that the issue of attacking the Pope is not merely a religious issue or even about the safety of innocent children. If it were, then the Press would have told the complete truth, but it chose to willfully distort and ignore the evidence to further their agenda of taking down Benedict, who represents to them, one of the greatest threats to their immoral and perverse agenda.

Not only were the allegations against Benedict categorically false, they were malicious since the facts and the evidence suggest that Benedict has been the most vigilant player in rooting out the filth since he became convinced of the corruption in the Church.

Far from being on the “defensive”, Benedict has been on the “offensive” within the Church. The reaction of the press has been their retaliation against it. But Benedict will not be dissuaded. He’s going to continue to overhaul the Church and bring it back to its roots. In the coming years, there’ll be hell to pay, for sure. There will be international reprecussions as Benedict continues to push through the politically correct dogmas of our age.

John Pacheco
Socon or Bust


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