Terrorist was a Mason and proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’

The CBC and all of the other anti-Christian and anti-Conservative media bigots never let a tragedy go without squeezing every little bit of bigotry out of it.

The problem is, the guy was a Darwinist and Mason (check him out on the left here in full Masonic rigalia) with nostalgic “Christian” culture roots who didn’t go to Church or consider himself “religious”.

Those media bigots, of course, never let the truth get in their way. In fact, if you read what this guy was really about, he seems to fit the profile in many places of a Liberal Christian who doesn’t like immigration and who decided to take the next logical step in his skewed and warped form of Darwinist religion.

It is therefore essential to understand the difference between a ‘Christian fundamentalist theocracy’ (everything we do not want) and a secular European society based on our Christian cultural heritage (what we do want).

Yeah, he sure is a Bible thumper all right.

Note for the ignorant baboons in the media: you can’t be a Christian and be Mason at the same time…at least not by any kind of historical standards.

3 thoughts on “Terrorist was a Mason and proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’

  1. Ezra was on SUN TV with Michael Coren saying the exact same thing! The idea that this murderer was both a Darwinist and a Christian, a Freemason and a fundamentalist Christian is absolutely absurd. He says he supports Europe’s Christian culture, but also supports red light districts as exist in Amsterdam. His 15,000 page manifesto is also full of contradictions!

  2. There is no contradiction between Christianity and Freemasonry. If you believe Christ was the son of God, then you can call yourself Christian, despite all objects made by others who also believe Christ was the son of God.

    You can find support for prostitution in the bible.

    The only problem is “darwinism” or evolution. This is a genuine problem facing many religions (although many Christians try to pretend that Christianity is compatible with evolution). What evolution basically says about humanity is that: we are here because our sequence of genetic mutation can survive here. This requires no intelligence. In fact, any intelligent being who intended to create us in “His own Image”, would have found a more direct way to create us. If such a being choose evolution as it’s method, it would be very stupid, because such a method to achieve such a specific goal would be highly inefficient and improbable.

    Evolution, a scientifically excepted fact, disproves most religion, including Christianity.

  3. Tegan,

    You have it backwards.

    Freemasonry is most certainly contradiction with Christianity (at least historically understood). For one thing, it denies the Trinity.

    Evolution can be accepted by a Christian, provided that God is not ruled out as the first cause.

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