Terror in Ottawa

Gripping account here.

Likely related to jihadists, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

I live downtown. Offices are still on lockdown. Sens game tonight is cancelled. Streets are currently very quiet, with extra police.

We’ll get through this. Don’t be afraid.

But do pray.

3 thoughts on “Terror in Ottawa

  1. When a Christian society turns it’s back on Jesus in Government,Law,and Education,and declares The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments unconstitutional,and the so-called “neutral” worldview Secularism Constitutional politically,and legally what do you suppose fills the vacuum? Why did my contemporaries start every Canadian and Western school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their schoolteachers? Why were The Ten Commandments on Government House,Court house and School house walls?My Grandparents,Parents,and society made sure our Political leaders kept it that way.The Politicians knew they would be turfed if they legalized perversion to schoolchildren,as human rights!Today it is not so.School teachers and homosexual activists normalize morbid behavior as so-called human rights to innocent,impressionable schoolchildren, Why do you suppose this goes on?For a Catholic not to be politically organized in a democracy is a Sin!Political Apathy, Indifference and Complacency destroys The Christian Perspective in Government,Law and Education.Secular Paganism is at war with Christianity.When anti-Christians rule politically in Western Democracies or Islamic countries,real Christians suffer,but masqueraders don’t because deep down they are Seculars.This is a sorry state of political affairs,don’t you think?

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