Ten Reasons Why Cardinal Burke Would Be A Great Pope – Blog about Burke!

1. He would put the boots to pro-abort Catholic politicians.

2. He would bring a missionary zeal to enforce Catholic teaching in the Church where ever it is lacking.  No point in talking about the “New Evangelization” if your own backyard is full of weeds.

3.  He would continue the legacy of Benedict XVI on the Sacred Liturgy.

4.  He would not hesitate in confronting and chastising liberal bishops, and recommending resignation like Benedict did.

5.  Diplomatic niceties with Caesar will end and more frank “dialogue” will begin.

6.  He’s American and he doesn’t like Obama – a perfect combination to fight Neo-Babylon and its new emperor.  What did Jesus say?  A prophet is only despised in his own country.

7.  The media will hate him more than John Paul II and Benedict, combined and then some.

8.  He’s got the Street credibility and the Curia credibility.

9.  He’s nobody’s lollipop.   He’ll straigthen up the Curia “real fast” since he knows where the skeletons are hidden.

10.  Freedom and contraception are the major issues of our times.  He fits the bill perfectly to deal with this:  He’s American and the strongest pro-life Cardinal in the Conclave.

Some common objections answered here.


I just had an evil thought.   What if the Catholic Blogosphere got behind one candidate like Burke?  God could work through the cyber Faithful and elect a Pope!  Why not? They say the Cardinals check out the internet to get some info on potential candidates.  Help me out!  Blog about Burke!

More reasons:

11. He’s young, 64.

12. He’s functional in Spanish (Latin American equation).

13.  He carried a big stick as the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura (high court of Canon Law).  This was not a light weight post.

14. Eucharistic and Marian – big time.

15. He’s not on John Allen Jr.’s list…or any “media savvy” reporter’s list.  HUGE bonus.  He’s not being talked about seriously so he can “walk in a Cardinal” and “walk out a Pope.”

16. He’s a good friend of Michael Voris which will piss off a lot of liberals.

17. He’ll finally be able to visit Toronto, right Cardinal Collins?

18. If he wins, Socon or Bust and a few other bloggers will depose the Catholic Media Establishment as the “go to” sources for insight and the skinny.

19.  A certain media cleric will not be amused.


5 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Cardinal Burke Would Be A Great Pope – Blog about Burke!

  1. I’m satisfied.. It wasalmost s if Taylor Marshall was writing these directly to me, as those were my only two objections as to why he would not be chosen. I never questioned his desirability.

    While , as Leonard Cohen said in his song “Democracy “It’s coming to America First, cradle of the best and the worst”… The worst is in power right now. I speak not only of Obama personally, but more about the spirit of antichrist that rules almost every institution in the land. At this time, while some of the most decent people in the world are in the USA, it i the most vile, pernicious element that is spreading it anti-gospel all over the world, and they eed to be called on it.
    I said it back in 2001, and I’ll say it again: While i do NOT condone in any way what the terrrorists did I understand a large part of their motivation: Their objection to the corruption of youth in conservative societies with the filth put out in pop music, television , movies and magazines into evey corner of teh earth by the most powerful propaganda machine ever built. I think George Bush was looking at it out of rose coloured glasses when he declared that “they hate us for who we are, our greatness and achivebents” . No. They hate the US for the corruption they are aggressively marketing into every corner of the earth. Every nook and cranny. America needs to repent or be brought down.
    I am in no way anti-American, but I despise what America has become.
    As for contraception being one of the major issues of the day, it ties in with the above, since that is what they are trying to push in the third world. I will also add, that eve over here, , I heard on the news that the TDSB had to sack a large amount of their staff because of declining enrollment. Interestingly it is the school boards and teachers unions who most aggressively promote contraception, the very thing that is costing them their jobs. There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  2. We could rejoice if God Wills such a decision, like never before, and thank all who support Truth,

    Let us pray for the Intercession of Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary, and also many many Rosaries. I believe She must love such a cholce to oversee God’s Church, if God Wills it.

    Only God know Who is best for His Church and
    this man is so beautiful and bold in speaking God’s Truth, it makes one cry with joy to know Our Blessed Lord is listening, and sends us someone like HIm to be an example of Truth.

    Thank you Lord, for Cardinal Burke, and may he be supported and blessed by You, and by the prayers and supplications on Your Behalf, of Your Faithful…Dear Jesus and Mary, on the Internet and everywhere.

    In Jesus and Mary
    For LIfe

  3. When I see pictures of Cardinal Burke in all of his regalia and then I think of the beautiful simplicity of Pope Francis, I wonder if the Cardinal will keep parading around in that ostentatious finery. Pope Francis puts him to shame!

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