Telling it like it is

…While many a lawyer may have shied away from a straightforward reply, Schuck responded plainly and matter-of-factly. “Mr. Justice I think that putting a penis in an anus would be considered filthy by most people except those that have been sensitized to the gay culture,” he said. “Lots of people find that revolting and it spreads disease.”

It’s straight talk like that that is not heard in most courtrooms today. It’s talk like that that needs to be heard. It addresses the matter head-on, without shying away.  In addition to religious freedom, this court is dealing with the matter of sexuality and thus there is a great need for plain and simple facts. I’m grateful Mr. Schuck was there to tell it like it is.  Now at least none of the Supreme Court Justices can say that they didn’t hear the truth on homosexuality….(Source)

Bill Whatcott.  You might not like his tactics. But his tactics allow us to speak our minds about the truth.

Be not afraid, Bill.

Say, when was the last time you heard anything on homosexuality at our Channel of Hope? 

Update:  A reader has provided this link.    Give credit where credit is due (it’s quite good)…but they could do more…given it is such an important topic for the Church.

One thought on “Telling it like it is

  1. Why does Western Education, Government, Law and the Popular Media promote homosexuality, abortion and Kinsey Sex Education to impressionable innocent children from Kindergarten? How long do they suppose these children will stay innocent after this? Have they not heard of The Centers Of Disease Control or The Public Health Agency of Canada’s HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report, which proves that homosexuality is extremely unhealthy?

    What about Gay Bowel Syndrome a collection of diseases that cause the mechanical dis-function of the lower bowel tract which are endemic in the homosexual population, and proves sodomy to be morbid?

    Why are these unhealthy practices legal in Canada and promoted to impressionable children in schools from Kindergarten, by adults who ought to know better? What kind of Supreme Court of Canada would justify this behavior,even with all the verifiable science proving it’s morbidity? Has Canada legally changed it’s name to Sodom, by Government decree and Court Enforcement?

    What kind of Church is too cowardly to point out the verifiable scientific facts of the morbid diseases of Sodomy? What kind of people normalize this from Kindergarten? Isn’t it about time for those who have been AWOL to get involved for Jesus in The Culture War raging for the minds and souls of Canadian, and Western Children. Have you been blind not to see what has been going on? The people caught up in morbid diseases need our help getting out of harmful addictions, not normalization and legalization, so they can continue to be exploited from Kindergarten. We need a benevolent Supreme Court to set good precedents for the rest of Canada, and the world like we used to.

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