Tell me, what is our ending?

You can choose to love…or your ending can be like this…

Firestone was found dead in her New York apartment on August 28, 2012, by the building’s owner… she lived in a reclusive fashion and had been in ill health

p.s. You’ll notice that one of central leaders of the radical feminist movement was Canadian.  The Lord has a lot of work to do to redeem our national brand.  But I hope and expect great things from Him as far as raising up fearless Canadian women to recapture what was stolen, eh?  I predict a Canadian woman will be front and center at the start of the restoration.  God doesn’t forget details.  He conquered death by using Satan’s victory against him.  So he can raise up Canadians to take the battle to the culture of death. Pray that he raise up a Canadian Joan of Arc.  The nation that gave the world the Winnipeg Statement is due for some relief.

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