Telegraph-Journal Admits To Another Manipulation

In its troubled report on the communion service at former governor general Roméo LeBlanc’s funeral mass in July, The Telegraph-Journal said prominently, on the front page, that Monsignor Brian Henneberry, a senior Saint John priest, had “demanded” that Prime Minister Stephen Harper explain what he had done with the communion wafer that he had been given. The newspaper has determined that Monsignor Henneberry said no such thing and believes that the false assertion was wholly the product of improper editorial manipulation.

The newspaper has concluded that the sensational manner in which it presented its interview with Monsignor Henneberry resulted in a serious distortion of his actual remarks which were otherwise competently reported. Monsignor Henneberry’s intent was simply to explain Roman Catholic belief and practice in a factual way after The Telegraph-Journal contacted him. It was not to accuse Prime Minister Harper of wrong-doing or to insinuate wrong-doing.

The Telegraph-Journal regrets this breach of journalistic principles and apologizes sincerely to Monsignor Henneberry for it. (Source)

Putting words in the mouth of the Vicar General of Saint John?  That’s pretty outrageous!

It’s just as I expected. This story was planted by the Liberals with the help of liberal editors and publishers.  In their profuse apology, the Telegraph-Journal is making it sound like this is something shocking, when in point of fact, it’s par for the course in today’s media.

What a bunch of fools.  But I do thank them for showing Canadians, once again, that very few honourable people work in the media these days. It is populated by liberals or their political party operatives.

What a sad state of Canadian “journalism”, but hardly surprising.

But, if the Telegraph-Journal is really serious about their “apology”, let them compel their publisher, Mr. Irving, to tell the whole truth about this sordid and scandalous affair.

Now that would be a real story.  If the Telegraph-Journal wants to retain any sort of credibility going forward, they should put their balls on the line and get serious. Otherwise, their “apology” is just a joke.  “Sorry we got caught. Won’t happen next time…the ‘getting caught’ part we mean.”

H/T Deborah Gyapong.

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