Teen Murdered After Rejecting Boyfriend’s Abortion Request

Hawa’s father, Isaac Parchue says just thinking of how it all happened, makes him physically ill. “She had a boyfriend and she and the boyfriend were arguing about having an abortion,” he said.  He says he doesn’t know who her boyfriend is, but is begging police to find out, and fast. “We are pleading to the community for the community to help us as a family to bring Hawa’s killer to justice,” he said. (Source)

Maybe he can get off.  You know, since he’s so pro-choice and all, there are mitigating circumstances here.  He was protecting every woman’s “rights”.

The thing about abortion is that, in the great majority of cases, it invariably involves some form of coercion against the woman.

It’s the big lie that just keeps on lying.  Promising freedom, it’s all about slavery at the time and after the time.

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