Tears and Breasts at the March for Life 2014


The March for Life this  year was another resounding success with approximately 23,000 people who showed up from all parts of Ontario to witness to the dignity of unborn life.  It was a wonderful event with some new highlights for yours truly including getting to attend my first March for Life Mass because my family did not have to host out-of-town friends this year. It also meant we were on the Hill early, and I got to roam around a bit and say hello to some people including Suzanne of Big Blue Wave and pro-life hero Fr. Tony Van Hee who’s been on the Hill everyday since time began protesting abortion and contraception.

Once again the youth were out in full force with wonderful looking T-shirts representing their own schools.  It was really evident this year that the kids are taking pride in representing their own school at the March for Life. It was a buoyant atmosphere.  However, not everyone was happy.  Some media didn’t like the fact that Catholics have a right to go on a field trip and have Catholic money fund it.  They seem to think that the government has a right to take Catholic tax money, but not permit Catholics the right to deploy their own tax education dollars (a fundamental human right of parents).  The sheer bigotry and base stupidity of the Canadian MSM really has no boundaries.  I guess they want us to sit down at the back of the bus and keep our mouths shut.  The last time I heard government planning taxation without representation, it did not end so well for the government of the day.  What’s next?  Separate washrooms and restaurants?

The event at Parliament Hill was standard fare as these things go, but there were some unique highlights at this year’s March.  For one thing, Boobs for Choice showed up.  (The guy trying to remove this woman is smiling for the cameras because he can’t believe his luck in how stupid the other side looks in protesting this way.) Yep.  Two representatives of FEMEN, the radical feminist group that disrupts Church services and other pro-family events by attempting to shock people with their bare-breasts, graced us all with their presence and shrill screams at the podium.  They had their 10 seconds of fame, were covered up, delicately moved out, and then later charged with trespassing.  Asked to justify how this uniquely pro-choice tactic helped normal people see their side of the story, one of these disturbed souls bore her soul to the CBC:

Topalovski and Bergeron said the shocking part about their protest is that they weren’t using their nudity in a sexual way. In an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, Topalovski and Bergeron said they needed to draw attention to their cause when the anti-abortion side is strong with power and money. “People write about women’s rights all the time. Nothing changes in practice,” Topalovski told Evan Solomon, host of Power & Politics. Asked whether a semi-naked protest is the best way to make their case, both said it is. “You invited us at your show for that, so yes, it’s the best way,” Bergeron said. “No one sees a problem when a woman topless is there for selling a car.” (Source)

Well, uh, I guess she has a point with her later comment.  Based on the scant coverage this year as in previous years, the CBC or CTV would likely never have given it much coverage this year, so in that sense we thank Boobs for Choice for putting us on the map with the mainstream media, and demonstrating to the world just what fine representatives for the disturbed pro-abort feminists they are for their cause.  It was a win-win situation for all concerned, in my estimation.  The talking point above about “the anti-abortion side is strong with power and money” really needs to be updated, however.  The Pro Life Movement in Canada has no power (just ask Steve and Justin) and little money. I think she is still reading from the 1960s Feminist Guide to Revolution or something.

Well, after that bit of excitement was over with, there were some great speeches, especially from Jason Evert on chastity.  A lot of what he said made absolute sense.  We are in a mess with abortion because of the sexually promiscuous lifestyles that the culture has adopted.  Abortion is the backend to the problem of sex.  It’s what Socon or Bust has been saying forever.  Check out his site. Lots of interesting things on it.

After the speeches, we hit the road for the March.  As we were leaving the grounds, I remember passing two young women and overheard one of them say to the other, “Get me out of here. How do I disassociate myself from these people?”  I thought about that for a bit, apart from the obvious desire for someone who believes in abortion to get out of a pro-life rally.  The “disassociation” is a common theme of people who want to run away from their own humanity and the humanity of the unborn child.  Separation, Destruction, Flight, Dissociation, Irresponsibility, Immaturity.  This woman merely summarized what is the problem with the pro-abort mentality. It is a mentality which rejects those who value life.  It is a life of loneliness, self-loathing, and ultimately self-destruction.  It was very sad to hear that she was closed to the witness that the crowd provided to her. Instead, she chose to close her heart and her mind to the truth.

One of the other sentiments expressed during the March was the resilience and determination of the young people there.  I overheard one young person say to another, “we will never give up”.  Simple statement, but profound nevertheless.  And I think the other side knows it too. They know that deep within the human soul that human beings will never accept injustice and certainly not the grave injustice that abortion is.  And so, because our opponents know this, they know that this battle will never be over until we’ve won.  Then it will be over. Forever.  The pro-aborts are not stupid enough to believe that this battle is over.  We don’t think it’s over.  The only group of people who seem to think the battle is over is the politicians, but they don’t matter in the end as they are merely puppets of the culture they serve.

The last item of note for me occurred during the end of the March.  As we were walking up Bank Street towards Parliament Hill, I happened to notice a woman and her friend on the sidewalk rather entranced by the very long line of Marchers.  She was crying and obviously upset.  If I had to guess, it was bringing back memories of her own abortion. I can’t be certain of that, of course, but it’s probably a safe bet.  As we walked by, I thought to myself that sometimes such a witness forces someone to confront unfinished business in their lives. No one likes to see someone hurt and upset.  But at the same time, these things have to happen in order for REAL healing and forgiveness to occur. It might happen to that woman who saw that tens of thousands of people didn’t buy the lie that she was sold. It jolted the reality she had been living up to that point in time, and a new reality – upsetting for the moment – started to dawn on her.  It was perhaps a reality – the reality – that she knew deep down existed, but seeing all those people at the March broke whatever barrier was there in experiencing it.  I prayed for her and I ask all readers of this blog to please say a prayer for her, that God would bring her true and everlasting healing and forgiveness as she begins her journey out of the lie that is abortion.



The view from the Hill Cam which shows approximately 23,000 people on the Hill.  Slightly less than last year, but still a very good showing.


M4L-011-2014The crew from EWTN trekked up from the U.S. again this year to cover our National March for Life.  We thank the Americans for actually caring about what happens here in Canada on the abortion front – enough to make the necessary sacrifices to do it.



A group of young people dressed in their school or group colours. Looks pretty sharp with the green signs.  Bright, vibrant, and fresh….like most of the pro-life movement.  I noticed more kids dressing in their schools colours.  Pride breeds enthusiasm.



The students on Parliament Hill after the March.  The music was absolutely first-rate this year.  If this quality keeps up or improves, they’ll have to charge admission!




Pro-Life, Pro-Family happy warrior, Bill Whatcott, on Bank Street outside of Morgentaler’s abortion mill, having a chat with a fan no doubt.




Campaign Life Coalition President, Jim Hughes, doing the official count at this year’s March for Life.  Paper and Pencil in hand and doing his best to keep the numbers honest.  You’ll notice that the numbers were down a bit this year, but no one was interested in playing the media’s game.  We tell the truth.  Lying is the foundation of abortion and its proponents, after all.  Oh, and by the way, the pro-abort numbers were absolutely dismal this year. They might have managed 50 protestors, if that. Last year they had over double that number, I think.



Marching down Elgin Street with the massive crowd.  Every year it’s impressive.  And every year we come back to do it again.  And we’ll keep marching until abortion is gone, gone, gone.



The Knights of Columbus getting ready to lead the March in their colourful uniforms.  They were also present in large numbers at the St. Pat’s Mass.




My girls (in pink and front right) with two friends.  We make this an annual tradition to teach our children the sacredness of human life and hope they will pass on this solemn teaching to their children one day.



Yes, you read the sign right, “Anglicans for Life”.  An Anglican Bishop gave the opening prayer.  It was a welcome surprise from what is normally thought of in the Anglican Communion.  You can see that this group is not afraid to show the Cross.  Good for them.



Standing room only at St. Pat’s Church.   Cardinal Collins presided at the Mass with Bishop Fabbro from London Ontario giving the homily.   Bishop Fabbro made a rather negative reference to Justin Trudeau’s unwelcome banning of pro-lifers from future MP ranks of the Liberal Party.   It took a bit of guts.  We all hope to see more of that from him and all the bishops of the Church.


5 thoughts on “Tears and Breasts at the March for Life 2014

  1. Personally, it looked to me like the numbers were greater than last year. I don’t believe the numbers were down. Definitely the Anti-Life crowd had less people though. Did you hear anything about how the Anti-Lifers March went, at Sparks and Elgin?

  2. We stood at the Human Rights Memorial It took just over three quarters of an hour for the March for Life to pass by us and turn the corner at Elgin and Lisgar streets. That was not single file sometimes it was more than ten abreast .

  3. FYI –
    (The guy trying to remove this woman is smiling for the cameras because he can’t believe his luck in how stupid the other side looks in protesting this way.)

    That was Allan Smith.

    Allan is the host and producer of two Catholic radio programs. The first is “The Holy Rosary Program “ and the second being “Your Life is Worth Living – Reflections from the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen”. He is heard by tens of thousands of listeners each week in the Waterloo Region on FM 98.5 FM (CKWR) and in Greater Toronto Area on AM 530 (CIAO).

    He created and manages a web site called ‘bishopsheentoday.com’. He holds the title of ‘Porter’ for the ‘School of Sheen’. On this site, the works of The Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen can be viewed and listened to for free.

    Allan is the founder and Executive Director of the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Mission Society of Canada. http://archbishopfultonjsheenmissionsocietyofcanada.org/

    He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation in Peoria, Illinois, which is the group handling the Cause for Archbishop Sheen’s Canonization.

  4. Thank you for an excellent article that focused on the events rather than a too-long (boring) series of the names of various dignitaries. The numbers to me looked about the same as last year.
    More people than usual joined from my church as well as my brother, sister and nephew. Based on his experience of crowds at football games, my brother estimated the crowd at , more like about 18-20000.
    The sheer vocal energy of the March increases every year thanks to the large numbers of youth with their chants and enthusiasm. I noticed bystanders were more numerous and interested than when the march was quitter and more subdued.
    Back then, counter-demonstrators could shout and drown out our praying, but this year they never had a chance.

  5. I also participated in the March for Life, and this report was great, detailed and accurate.

    We had great weather and a huge crowd of participants.

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