Teaching Without Exacting Discipline

…is the way bishops have operated in the Catholic Church since the “spirit of Vatican II” took a strangle-hold on us.

So, how’s it working for them?

When Dad’s a pushover, the family falls apart.  That’s basically the same road the Catholic Church has been on these past 4 decades.

Cardinal O’Malley is now the head of the bishops’ pro-life office.   If his past actions are any indication of his future ones, it will be more of the same dissent from “Catholic” politicians.  I’ll say it again:  when Catholic bishops get serious about the Catholic faith, then so will the politicians.  But not before.

It is incredible, really, that the Catholic hierarchy does not see the connection between their own miserable inaction on moral issues and the necessary pastoral discipline to enforce the church’s own law against dissent on the one hand, and the certain loss of religious freedom in America on the other hand.  They treat these spheres as two completely separate phenomenons, when the reality is that one follows the other.

If they were to concede this simple truth, they would start doing some self-evangelization before doing the “new evangelization”.

You can’t give, what you, yourself, are not willing to suffer for.  It looks like we’ll have to wait for another 40 years until this milksop pastoral approach gets cleaned out of the Church.

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