Teaching Catholic Boys to Become Men and Catholic Girls to Become Women

FNE Explorers – an exciting and dynamic Catholic Faith Youth Movement!

This growing movement is expanding its membership both at the youth and adult (leader) here in the Ottawa area at St. Bernard Catholic School, 1722 St. Bernard St, Blossom Park, on Thursday nights 6:45-8:15 pm, starting in January 2013! Parents – are you interested in enrolling your child in a same gender program that helps your child better embrace their faith while exploring the world around them to become well rounded outdoors-men, citizens, loyal friends and servants of God? We are offering a Timber Wolf program for boys ages 8 to 12, the adventure begins now! Fathers / Men – are you interested in joining a team of like minded volunteers to help our youth explore the world around them, to have fun, to share your peace and our Catholic faith with the youth entrusted to our care? Please visit our web site at www.fneexplorers.com.

A parents information evening will be held at St. Bernard School on Thursday Jan. 10 at 7:00 pm. For further information, please contact Per Talgoy at per.talgoy@nrc.ca. Above all, please pray for this group, for both boys and men as leaders.


Needless to say with the assault on the Boy Scouts in the U.S. by the Lobby, we need to re-establish and re-define our boundaries as Catholic men and women.  Here is the training ground to make it happen.

I’ll have something to say about this in the future and keep you posted on the developments of the local chapter. 

I’m thrilled that we’re taking the bull by the horns and doing something about taking back control over formation of our children.

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