Tea Party II: Grazing Cattle

Militia members from Montana and Utah have already arrived at the ranch and indicate plenty more are headed that way. Operation Mutual Aid, a coalition of state militias, is planning a coordinated effort of support, according to West Mountain Rangers member Ryan Payne. “They all tell me they are in the process of mobilizing as we speak,” he said earlier this week. Payne said the county should prepare for “a band of soldiers” responding to the standoff, explaining militias are necessary to be “the barrier between the oppressed and the tyrants.” (Source)

Now you know why Americans see the right to bear arms as fundamental to protecting their freedom.    And they’re right, too.  Sometimes thugs only understand the justice that comes from looking down a barrel of a gun.  If you donna speaka da language, you donna make them capiche.

Watch video here.

In 1993, The Federal Bureau of Land Management created new fees on public grazing land in Clark County, Nevada. BLM officials came up with these fees to discourage ranching in order to protect an endangered tortoise. Bundy refused to pay for grazing on land that he and his family had been using for over 100 years. Now BLM officers have surrounded the ranch and are forcibly removing his cattle. In the meantime, as protests have grown, the BLM has restricted free speech to designated “zones”, and even violently confronted protesters.

3 thoughts on “Tea Party II: Grazing Cattle

  1. My parents and grandparents lived in a Canada were everyone had plenty of firearms. Crime was almost unheard of,because guns by themselves do not commit crimes,but the mindsets or worldview of people using them. Private property was respected. The Lord’s Prayer was said in schools, and The Ten Commandments were on government,courtroom and schoolroom walls. The majority of Canadians and Western Civilization believed and taught the sanctity of life,and that the medical profession ought to heal instead of kill.

    Slavery was considered Western Science and Law,but my family finally got the right to vote in Canada in 1947 politically,because the voting majority believed The Ten Commandments and Genesis 1:27. My grandfather was brought to Canada in 1904 as a second class being according to Western Science and Law. Study Charles Darwin’s ,The Origin of Species,and The Decent of Man in context with the footnotes,if you have any doubts; or James Rachels,Created from Animals. Today the Secular morality of Kinsey Sex Education has replaced The Lords Prayer in schools with dire consequences to our civilization.

    About the year 307 Constantine Caesar of the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. In 1962 The US Supreme Court ruled The Lord’s Prayer in schools unconstitutional,and Secular Morality constitutional. Elected Politicians could have been forced by the democratic voting public , to Pass a Bill into Law to overturn this ruling,but they did not. Instead this idea spread through the governments of the Western World like wildfire.

    As the Christian consensus is Politically killed by enforced political (Politically Correct) Secular Morality on everyone from kindergarteners,we must expect further tyranny,unless righteous citizens politically unite to change this.

  2. I do not believe politics in, and of themselves will achieve anything.
    It is in people following and practicing what God has taught in His One Holy Catholic Church, THEN parents teaching their children
    the Faith and EVERYONE from parents who are the first teachers, down to their children be they butchers, bakers,
    doctors and politicians embracing what the Faith teaches.

    No gun, no policy is going to change anything if peoples’ hearts are not true to what God teaches in everything with no heresy infecting by means of the poison of man saying he is better than God, by adding or taking away, twisting or distorting God’s Word in anyway.
    and it is followed, not compromised and never allows other forms of idolatry to replace it.

    We have a man being hailed as a hero and idol of sorts named
    Nelson Mandela and he may have done many good things . His wife , and he went along with it, so he obviously agreed also arose in those following them a hateful scornful and prideful self-righteousness of its own that advocated necklacing people, who refused to succcomb to their way, and setting them on fire, and he also is known for
    bringing the uncomparable evil of abortion to all to South Africa.
    That is what politics alone can achieve. When ANY
    politician rouses up in masses what is or her ideologies and they are not grounded in Catholic -Christian Truth in all ways,
    then we can be left with anarchy of sorts masquerading itself as “freedom”.
    Even Archbishop Tuto, winner of a Nobel “Peace” prize , preached extreme violence,and said “I am a socialist, first, I hate capitalists!”, added ” A man with a stone in his hand can achieve far more than a dozen sermons. Is it any wonder then ,that certain black workers have not yet blown up a school bus full of white children?They are the easiest targets” .The devil himself is a clever politician.
    Politics alone can achieve nothing, if they are not following exactly how and what Our Lord Jesus has taught we will know the Truth if we follow the One Who Is Truth and we pray through the Intercession of His Beloved Mother and ours as well, as well as our Queen in Heaven.
    If Jesus Mother’s request of Russia being consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart , soon, then all Hell in all forms of war and terror will Be.Period. We are fighting first off a war in the Spiritual realm, not at some earthy level. When the requests
    and true obedience to Our Lord through following what Mary as requested many many years ago at Fatima, are met, God promises a period of true Peace.
    Again , all evil, from the increase of abortion to every war fought on every political and personal level, will only continue to increase , and culminate in the outcome too horrific, yet , that one that was ascertained by Our Blessed Lady unless Her requests were heeded . That one,that for Lucia, was too horrific,to even be able to write down without Our Lady’s aid, because its horror is so great it is almost unspeakable in its wake, to even contemplate.
    No political movement alone or political leader can achieve anything unless he or she follows Our Lady’s Map to Peace.
    Then there will be real change.
    We don’t even know what the real chastisement is going to be like….but, one thing is for sure that when we ignore Jesus’
    requests made through His Beloved Mother, we are then being
    extremely disobedient, and according to what has been revealed we are and will pay the consequences.
    Lord Have Mercy
    Our Father… Hail Mary…Glory Be
    St. Joseph raise up true men of God to fight the battle for the One Holy Catholic Church, for the Holy Family and for all leaders to lead the Church first and then downward on to all families to adhere to what God has commanded, and we can obey and
    follow through the Intercession of Our Blessed Lord and In His One True Presence made visible in the Sacraments of Reconciliation via Holy Priests and His One Holy and very REAL True Presence made real in His Holy Eucharist and through all that Is in and taught in the True Traditional teachings on matters of Faith and Morals in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
    Jesus asked Peter three times “Peter do you love me?”
    We must ask ourselves in front and gazing directly at the Crucifix, “Do we love Jesus, enough to die truly for Him?”
    That means we never never never give up proclaiming Truth
    in all matters, in season and out of season, like our lives
    depended on it. Jesus asks for all of our heart, all of our mind,
    all of our strength, and all of our bodies (which He gave us for His purposes to be achieved through…anyway).
    Are we willing to give Him all of us, or do we still want to say humans alone can do or achieve anything without Him, alone.
    Guns, in the wrong hands can and do kill what is not meant to be killed, and in the wrong minds and plans certain ideologies will tend to do they same, if God is not obeyed first and foremost.

  3. Kindergartener’s are being perverted in schools, where not very long ago they started the morning with the Lord’s Prayer.

    We live in a democracy where politics is overwhelmingly important. Bills are passed by elected politicians in this democracy. This is not Rocket Science is it?

    My Grandfather knew the Bible and the Church Fathers writings inside out. The Western Scientific ,Law, Political and dare I say many secular religious communities did not live according to Catholicism, because many said we are Catholic, because we were born that way. Here I do not exclude the Clergy. They are not strangers to me. There is a difference between talking and doing. This was a Christian Country in Government, Law and Education not very long ago. This has got to do with the POLITICAL apathy and indifference of Catholics too. At least one Catholic Priest agrees with me.

    When we Politically overturned rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court of Canada Law of 2005 in 2008, many agnostic University students went door to door to help us. These young people were driven out by Clergy and Laity, who did not have a clue what the government who gave Clergy tax exemption was imposing on Canadian students, from Kindergarten to University.

    Prayer to the true God is good, but it ought to lead to righteous political action where Politicians Pass Bills into Laws, that everyone has to live by including Kindergarteners.
    A Canadian Christian Law School has just received accreditation. Please continue to pray as we do without ceasing , but don’t give up on us just yet.

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