Taxation without representation – Round 2 Correspondence

Dear Ms. McGuire,

As you may recall, a few days ago, I e-mailed the CBC Ombudsman, Mr. Kirk LaPointe, about the CBC’s false reporting concerning the size of the May 12 March for Life rally on Parliament Hill.  He then responded to my e-mail and cc’d you in his response to me.  He also indicated that the protocol was for a CBC representative to first address any complaints  received. I assume that you are in the process of collecting information about the problematic report in question and will respond within your allotted time.

The purpose of this email is to remind you and the CBC about the professional integrity and competence which is demanded of a national public broadcaster. I do not think it is an exaggeration to claim that most (or at least a growing strong minority of) Canadians now perceive the CBC as having an leftist ideological bent. They no longer believe the CBC is truly representative of the diversity of Canadian values, not the least of which is accuracy and integrity in its news reporting. In fact, if you peruse the comments of the growing number of  signatories to the petition letter (over 570 at this time), you will notice that these sentiments are more than confirmed.

It is a dangerous thing, indeed, for a publicly funded, national broadcaster to marginalize and to disenfranchise a whole swath of public opinion in its broadcasting. It’s even more egregious if that reporting is so obviously false.

Just to be clear, we are requesting a full and complete “prime time” correction of the reported rally number on “The National with Peter Mansbridge” where the report first aired, along with a correction on CBC’s website where the online article also appeared.

I fear that to deny this request will only further solidify a negative opinion among Canadians of the CBC, and will provide our political leaders with yet another reason to consider a complete overhaul of the CBC in our tough economic times. The CBC receives 1.1 Billion dollars in annual funding from Canadians. That’s money that could be well spent in many other areas where all Canadians are represented.

Taxation without representation is one thing. Taxation with false representation takes it to a whole new political level – a level which will no doubt be detrimental to the sustainability of the national “consensus media” in this country.

Yours very truly,

John Pacheco
Socon or Bust

cc. Kirk LaPointe, CBC Ombudsman
cc. Brian Lilly, Ezra Levant, SunTV
cc. John Henry Weston,

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