Tax-Funded Planned Parenthood Promoting Masturbation

Did you know that May is Masturbation Month?

From a reader….

Perhaps you already knew this. However, in researching on the Internet, I found out that Planned Parenthood Ottawa was responsible for organizing the pro-abortion protesters. How do I know this? I can’t find it on their website now, but yesterday they had pictures posted on their website showing them making their signs to be used during the March for Life. Today when I looked, there is a picture of some of them holding their signs. I recognized some of their faces from the march. The uninformed public and media may think they represent the views of the Canadian public, but no, it is Planned Parenthood’s view alone. The public are like sheep and need to be educated. Did you notice, once the public knows the truth, they march for life, not for abortion? The website is utterly disgusting ( I won’t mention what they are promoting at Venus Envy as soon as you enter the site. What makes me angry is that the City of Ottawa and United Way are funding them. How does one go about lobbying the City of Ottawa and United Way to take a look at what Planned Parenthood is promoting and ask them if this is good use of their charitable dollars and helpful to Ottawa? I know both the City of Ottawa and United Way do help the poor and other good causes, but this filth?

One thought on “Tax-Funded Planned Parenthood Promoting Masturbation

  1. The reason they have masturbation month is clear: anything that fuels an addiction to sex (like masturbation, pornography, etc.) is good for their business, because it will eventually lead to more promiscuity and unwanted pregnancies.

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