Tanking Demographics To Hit Teachers’ Pensions

This year in Canada 1,000 people will reach age 65 every day.

This will continue every day until the year 2029. This aging tsunami sweeping over Canada will bring changes that we cannot even envision today.

Last year the first of the Baby Boomers turned age 65, many retiring into golden entitlements that they have been promised and expect to collect. These entitlements include lower taxes, free health care and for some, golden pensions….(Source)

The chickens, as they say, are coming home to roost.

Tanking demographics is the cause of this.

And tanking demographics is because of the “I’m all hot for contraception and abortion” death spiral mentality.

Maybe not sooner, but certainly later, the “moral issue” of mass murder of unborn children does indeed impact the bottom line – except not in a small way which is “manageable” with accounting tricks and fiscal maneuvers.  This baby is going to be a nuclear bomb.

In 20 years, all of the bean counters are going to ask, “Were those fools drunk when they legalized abortion and promoted programs which undermined the family?  Didn’t they realize what would happen to the economyWere they all stoned or what?”

You know what they say about pay back, eh?

I find it only somewhat poetic justice that the Teachers’ Unions feel the hit in a big way.

The ponzie scheme of abortion does eventually end.

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