2 thoughts on “Taliban Catholics putting the boots to “CanChurch”

  1. I am outraged that anyone especially a priest would use this terms to refer to anyone other than those it actually applies to.

    And yes, I couldn’t agree more, let’s see some “truth in chairity” practised by all.

  2. I made this discovery this morning and thought I would bring it to your attention. Perhaps it can be blogged. See this link from St. Joseph’s Church in Ottawa: http://www.st-josephs.ca/app/DocRepository/1/communications/commProject_March13.doc

    It asks people to comment about St. Joseph’s Church. The predominant words are open, inclusive, code words for allowing things that are anti-Biblical. Please take a look, I myself will be contacting teh Archbishop’s office.

    Some of the comments include:

    Inclusiveness , unity, special family, valued time celebration

    It’s not like a common/ordinary catholic church -it’s different

    Invitation to be the Spirit – not shackled by prescriptive Catholicsm but open to the paths of the mystics – accepting – weekly reinforcement of us in God and God in us

    Progressive, social justice, inclusiveness

    Meaningful prayers, inclusiveness, gay, music, homilies, outreach, prayers of the faithful

    I come to St. Joe’s for the friends, and the knowledge of the outreach programs. However after 20 years I am distressed and am thinking of leaving. Today as with many days, the reflection/homily was completely inappropriate. St. Joe’s has become too concerned about form over substance, politcal correctness, being “different” than being Catholic. My parents don’t recognize it as Catholic. It is staying, and I am feeling increasingly lost.

    Welcoming those who are two-spirited which is so rare in the Catholic Church,

    Creative liberal open/ community expressive developmental inclusive.

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