Taliban Catholic Blogger Pub Night in Ottawa?

The current Taliban Catholic Blogger conference in Rome got me thinking about a pub night here in Ottawa where Catholic bloggers can come and rejoice at our mutual successes and commiserate over the State of the Church.

Even if a dozen people showed up, it would be a start.  Good way to plan strategy against the Professional Catholics and CanChurch too.  It would give a chance to all our readers to come out and meet the blogger.  And it also would give us a chance to meet our (secret) fans and commentators, who many more times than not, are more clever than us!

This will not be “a monthly” event.  We don’t want to get too institutionalized and typical.  The wind blows where it will, and the blogosphere and its clandestine meetings are as unpredictable (or…uh…predictable depending on your perspective) as a Fr. Rosica “violent, hatey-hate-hate” outburst at LifeSiteNews!

Never know. Maybe +Prendergast will come out, incognito. 

2 thoughts on “Taliban Catholic Blogger Pub Night in Ottawa?

  1. Vox Cantoris will be there. Give some advance notice for Seraphic in Scotland (she is Canadian after all), hey maybe we can convince Hilary to come home for a week for this too?

    The real question; will The Heresy Hunter be there?

  2. John,
    Lots of folks will be in Ottawa on the June 10th weekend for the Conservative conference. REAL Women is having their annual meeting in Ottawa around then, too.
    Just a thought…

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