Taking it to the next level

My fellow social conservatives,

Because of the wonderful success of pro-life forces in the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish Contest, it is clear that the pro-life movement has received a much needed shot in the arm. Not only did we show that we can win the cyber war, we also showed that we had the raw numbers to take down the abortion goliath.

We must not let this momentum pass. We must use it to create a more formal structure and network to effect real social and political change in this country.

The first step is to create a first-rate, cutting-edge website for the war that is sure to come. At this time, I am accepting proposals from website designers to help me in this endeavour.

If you know of a professional, pro-life website designer who is knowledgeable in the most recent technology of website design, please have them contact me.

I am willing to pay for these services.

Abortion is going down in Canada.

Yours truly for the unborn,

John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United

p.s. Anyone who is interested in financially sponsoring this endeavour, of which the website is the first step, is encouraged to contact me as well.

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