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I’ll be taking a break from blogging starting this Tuesday and extending over the next several weeks to devote myself to the Worldwide Consecration To Jesus Through MaryPart of this break will be to refocus my spiritual life and Marian devotion.  It seems that this Consecration will be a wonderful opportunity to do so.  I sense a strange pull towards it that I can’t shake — which suggests to me that there is something that God wants to fill and heal in me.  So I intend to let Him do it.  I might pop in once and in a while and post something but it will only be sporadic.  I ask Socon or Bust readers for your prayers.  Thanks.  Have a great summer.  Keep the Faith.  – JohnP.


16 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. But… wait…. Catholics worshiping Mary, as you said, is an abomination! I guess I’m just a silly Protestant who can’t tell the difference between worship and devotion.

  2. Catholics do not worship Mary. You do not understand the *language* of Catholicism and jump to ignorant and foolish conclusions because you believe you know what we believe. You are ignorant of the bible and its distinction between veneration and adoration. You are ignorant of history. And you are ignorant of theology.

    Salvation (quite literally) came THROUGH A WOMAN.

  3. Rob, if you post sarcastic comments, you’ll get an abrasive response. On the other hand, if you would like to have a constructive and open-minded discussion, please phrase your comment accordingly and we’ll be glad to converse with you.

  4. Kelly,

    If a person makes a beligerant, anti-Catholic post while spamming an entry which is hardly inviting a debate, I’d say that qualifies for a terse response. Everything that I said in my response is absolutely true about Rob M.s’ entry.

    If a visitor comes on this board with a chip on his shoulder by calling himself a “silly Protestant”, I will be happy to affirm him in his self-assessment. 🙂

  5. I didn’t mean to sound sarcastic, which I admittedly did.

    However, Pacheo, I am quite familiar with Catholic language as I stated in response to a prior post. I’ve read numerous Catholic texts, took several theology courses in college (a Christian college at that), and have several Catholic friends whom I discuss issues with (quite civilly and politely, I might add.)

    You can’t write my opinions off as being based on ignorance.

  6. It was a really simple question I posed John. But it was posed to Steve. It would be interesting to see how he would respond.

    By the way, what evidence is there in this response that you have been transformed by Christ? To respond like you did shows the opposite.

    As I said the Christian is not called to approach others how they approach them. This is straight-forward stuff. Perhaps in your break from this blog you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on this.

  7. Rob, actually you did *mean* to sound sarcastic, but now you *regret* it.

    I have no idea what theology courses you have taken. I doubt they gave you the proper understanding of what Catholics really believe. I have no idea of who your friends are, either.

    But what I do know is, based on your entry, you do not accept that there is a distinction between veneration and adoration, even though the bible itself makes these distinctions – not only in the Old Testament but in the New Testament as well.

    But on a more fundamental level, outside of the Marian issue itself, you do not have a proper understanding of the “Communion of Saints” (if you have one at all) which is one of the foundations required to fully understand the teaching surrounding the Blessed Mother.


    I also suggest that your read the page on my website devoted to Mary and the Saints. http://www.catholic-legate.com

    The flesh that was nailed to the cross on Calvary, and is the source of your salvation, came from the Blessed Mother exclusively, because Jesus had no earthly father. Or have you not read the Scriptures?

    The man said,
    “This is now bone of my bones
    and flesh of my flesh;
    she shall be called ‘woman, [k] ‘
    for she was taken out of man.” Genesis 2:23

  8. Kelly, my friend, how I discern to respond is based on the circumstances.

    A terse response is not necessarily wrong or immoral…unless you’re a marshmallow.

    Transformation by Christ does not mean you check your emotional faculties at the door and become sedated, either.

  9. I’ll leave it to readers to decide how appropriate your response was.

    By the way, I didn’t find Rob’s post too problematic. I knew exactly what he was getting at, and unless you’ve had previous experience with him, and know it will be a waste of time to respond, you might have helped him through this concern of his. As you say, the language of Catholicism can sometimes lead a person unfamiliar to mistaken conclusions.

    Again, I’ll let the readers decide.

    Rob, check out Tim Perry’s “Mary for Evangelicals.” He has a section on Cardinal Newman, and language associated with Mary that might address your concern.

  10. Rob,

    You have yet to respond to the central theme of a previous post of mine:

    Do you think Christ has given Christians a sure means to know the exact interpretation of his Gospel infallibly, without misunderstandings or errors? After all, our salvation depends on it!

    If not, why would God cruelly abandon us to such uncertaintly about the means of our salvation?

    If yes, then where does this infallible teaching authority reside? And please don’t tell me that the Holy Spirit infallibly guides each individual. The fact that you and I have different interpretations debunks that theory.

  11. Kelly,

    If Rob wants to discuss his questions about the Catholic faith intelligently and calmly, he is welcome to do it here, even though this is not a Catholic Apologetics site per se.

    But he if wants to bait his questions with a feigned humility, he can do it elsewhere.

  12. Hi Cliff,

    Yeah, we try to remain open to dialoguing with our readers, even if it takes away time from blogging.

    But I’m afraid that the discussion on this particular post started on the wrong foot. We’ll see where it goes.

    A prerequisite to dialogue is an open mind. Otherwise, it’s just a sterile argument.

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