Take your time, fellas…

When I read this, and remember what the Canadian Church is supporting in Mexico and the time it’s taking to get the issue fixed, I burn.

Mexican martyrs in prision, courtesy of your generous donations to Canada`s official development and aid agency.

How can we ever thank Development & Peace, enough?

Abortion?  Persecution against Catholics and pro-lifers?

Sorry, we don`t have a policy on that. But do keep sending us money just the same.  The fight against climate change and globalization must continue, you know.”

2 thoughts on “Take your time, fellas…

  1. The president of our Right to Life organization has sent an e-mail to the Archbishop, trying to convince him to reconsider the diocese’s support for D&P – the Archbishop didn’t respond. All we could do is just use the word of the mouth to convince people not to donate to D&P.

  2. Leonard, you didn’t name your Archbishop.

    I wrote Archbishop Miller about funds going to support D&P. His office didn’t respond. Not long after my diocese (Vancouver) advertised a fundraiser for D&P on their website.

    I remember reading where Calgary Bishop Henry had said he supports allowing donations to fund worthy projects undertaken by groups which are “pro-choice,” providing the money goes only toward good projects (whatever that means). I think he’s wrong to do that, it just frees up money for anti-life projects.

    I don’t know if Archbishop Miller thinks the same way as Bishop Henry. But, I know I’m not willing to take a chance it so instead I give money to Chalice.

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